This year’s convocation is getting a big makeover

July 22, 2019

A deeper focus on student engagement and college preparedness is making this fall’s orientation day for incoming students both more practical and fun.

The core goal of the new-and-improved Fall 2019 convocation day is still the same: Get incoming undergraduate and graduate students feeling comfortable and excited ahead of their first official day at UM-Dearborn. But with the help of a big team from across the university, the slate of this year’s activities is giving students a much fuller view of campus life — and what it takes to succeed in the classroom. 

The September 3 Go Blue Orientation Day and Convocation, which runs from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., kicks off with an official welcome to campus. After that, students can choose from a broad menu of breakout sessions. Topics include everything from financial wellness and managing stress, to an introduction to campus technologies like Canvas and how to use the library. One of the fun new additions for this year: A seminar titled “What I Wish I Had Known,” where current students share their practical wisdom about how to get the most out of a first year.

The formal convocation part of the program follows the student breakout groups. Here, the highlight is the debut of a new campus tradition: Students receiving a symbolic “key” from faculty, staff and alumni to mark the start of their UM-Dearborn journeys. There will also be a group photo and singing of “The Victors.”

New students will then get to engage with faculty, staff and alumni during a strolling picnic on the lawn south of the CASL building. During that time, there’s also a large organizational fair to showcase student organizations and campus and community resources. Finally, students can round out the day with an optional campus tour — just in time for the first day of classes on September 4.


Check out the full schedule of activities for this year's Go Blue Orientation Day and Convocation. Staff participation is encouraged, and an online participation form will be shared soon by the event planning committee.

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