The Office of Research shares recently awarded funding, upcoming workshops and approaching grant deadlines.
Can the social studies classroom help a younger generation of Americans regain the ability to talk critically and calmly about tough issues?
The Office of Research shares available campus grants, COVID-19 precaution updates, and national research grant deadlines from organizations like the National Science Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
A UM-Dearborn master’s student is investigating how things like typefaces, text size and line spacing impact drivers’ abilities to use increasingly complex dashboard touchscreens.
Graduate student Charlie Giraud noticed identity concealment, particularly among members of the LGBTQ+ community, is an area that’s lacking in academic research. So he set out to change that.
A UM-Dearborn graduate student is working to fulfill the promise of electric “microgrids.”
The Office of Research shares national research grant deadlines, available campus grants and recently awarded funding.
Master’s student Malak Nasser says understanding how cancer metastasizes could reveal clues about how to slow it down.
Balancing full-time work with part-time doctoral studies could become more doable with this new CECS graduate program.
Traffic congestion in cities is bad and getting worse. Master’s student Meigui Yu thinks part of the solution is rethinking how we use the curbside environment.
Dewit’s research took first place during UM-Dearborn’s Three-Minute Thesis Competition; she will represent the university at a regional competition later this month.
Cleaning up messy legacy software is a bane of companies big and small, but it’s long been considered an unclimbable mountain. Has this UM-Dearborn faculty member finally found a solution?
Studies suggest that clear communication from organizations during recruitment may result in more effective future employee-organization relationships.
The event helps connect College of Engineering and Computer Science graduate students interested in research to faculty who need lab assistants.
Miller’s presentation of her work earned first place at the university’s annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition.
Murphey and her team of student researchers have partnered with ZF to develop a car with 360-degree vision.
Students in Yi-Su Chen’s supply chain management course analyzed 450,000 fire reports to find the optimal location for a new Dearborn Fire Department location.
The College of Engineering and Computer Science recognizes graduate students who demonstrate excellence in research.
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