As part of a leading research team, Associate Professor Will Clarkson spent much of the last decade working to assemble an extensive map of the inner regions of the Milky Way galaxy.
Some researchers and their grad students are getting the green light to return to campus labs.
The university's observatory acquired five new telescopes to use for astronomy introduction courses and public observation nights.
Lecturer Terry Ostrom’s 5,000-piece collection of museum-grade minerals, panned gold and fossils was donated to UM-Dearborn’s Department of Natural Sciences.
UM-Dearborn researchers collaborate with others and discover new reptile wildlife.
Aoude competed in the 18-32-year-old middleweight division at the competition in Detroit this past summer.
The biology and environmental science major studied them in the zoo’s new Polk Penguin Conservation Center, the largest facility for penguins in the world.
The longtime organic chemistry lecturer died Sept. 8.
Smith is part of the leadership team of a national online chemistry network that recently received a $1.1M grant from the National Science Foundation.
Nearly 20 students participated in the Global Brigades-UM-Dearborn chapter’s trip to Honduras, where they helped the international aid organization provide health screenings and demonstrate preventive care.
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