Job & Internship Prep

As you prepare for the world of work, Career Services has tools and tips to help you get your resume in order, practice your interviewing techniques, develop your soft skills, and connect to alumni and employers on your own. Preparing for the job search can be stressful, and meeting with a Career Coach is a great way to discuss your plans and receive guidance in the necessary preparations to gain skill resulting in more confidence as you present yourself to employers. 

Another good way to learn more about a position, career, or industry is to have what's called an "informational interview." An informational interview is an opportunity to connect with someone who is currently working in your field of interest to gather information about that particular occupation/career, provide some basic information about yourself, and ask for advice and guidance from the person. For more information, check out the Career Services Guide to Informational Interviewing.

College Co-op and Internship Programs

By "getting out into the real world" you can accelerate your learning and develop practical skills in your field of study - these can be paid, unpaid, for credit, or not for credit experiences, and may include conducting research with a faculty member or participating in iLabs. You can explore current opportunities in Symplicity Career Connections or speak with a staff member in your specific college.

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