SUBJECT: Fall 2021 Applicants Update

Dear Colleagues –

As you will know, we have made several adjustments to our operations in the recent, shall we say hectic, weeks in order to best serve our students and our community.  We are implementing one more strategy to assist in maintaining our accessibility to potential students and to offer them a straightforward pathway by which to reach us. 

Together with many other institutions in the state and elsewhere, we will not require Fall 2021 applicants to submit standardized SAT or ACT scores for admission (a ‘test optional’ mode).  We are moving very quickly on this matter to remain competitive in what will be an extremely aggressive future recruitment market.

The Provost has consulted with the deans on this matter, as well as with Bruce Maxim, Faculty Senate Chair, and strongly believe this is the right move for Dearborn at this time.  Some additional information is provided below, for FAQs please see Undergraduate Admissions – Standardized Test Requirements

I (Sue) am happy to answer any additional questions you may have.  I apologize for the speed of this action, but we are up against some deadlines that could prove deeply problematic for us.

With thanks for all you do, and for rolling with the situation!

Sue Alcock, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Raju Balakrishnan, Dean, College of Business

Anthony England, Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Martin Hershock, Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Ann Lampkin-Williams, Dean, College of Education, Health, and Human Services


University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to providing access, while still preserving the integrity of the academic experience. There is a nationwide discussion about the implications of COVID-19 and its impact on standardized SAT or ACT scores for admission.

In direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, the UM-Dearborn will announce that Fall 2021 applicants will not be required to submit standardized SAT or ACT scores for admission.  We would assess any formal changes to admission policies beyond that cohort at a later date.  


Maintain Access:  Juniors in high school are not able to access the normal testing cycle, and given the lack of clarity on how testing will proceed in the future, we need to be flexible to ensure continued access to higher education.

Maintain Competitiveness:  The majority of the 15 Michigan public universities have either moved to, or are reportedly moving toward, test-optional admission practices, for at least Fall 2021, in recognition of the crisis.  We risk serious disadvantage in recruitment if we lag behind in offering understanding and flexibility to potential students.

Provide Assessment for Future Years:  We are committed to critically examining our policies and promoting maximum access and student success.  This will allow us to continue to evaluate how test-optional policies could enhance student recruitment and retention.   



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