SUBJECT: Provost Communication: End of Semester

Dear Colleagues;

I can’t believe we are at the end of the semester with just a few weeks to go! As we approach the winter holiday break, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for everything each of you has done to make this fall semester a successful one, despite the ongoing global pandemic. It is only because of your work and dedication to the safety and wellbeing of our campus --- from students and faculty, to staff and guests --- that we were able to achieve our academic mission.  Please  rest assured that we continue to monitor the health conditions in our area and in the country, and that we are always guided by the best medical information and safety guidelines in order to make informed decisions to protect our campus community.

As you prepare for the end of semester grading and finals, I want to provide a few points of information.

  • We are getting ready for Commencement on December 18 and 19 and most importantly, to enjoy our winter break, reconnect with friends and family, rest and rejuvenate!
  • Final exams will take place December 13-17. You can find the Fall 2021 Final Exam Schedule. Please remember that all instructors must submit final grades within 48 hours of the final exam or no later than the posted deadline date. It is vital that instructors adhere to the 48 hour deadline as failing to do so will have a significant impact on end of term processing, including managing the awarding of degrees for graduating students; academic probation/dismissals; degree honors; athletic eligibility recertification; financial aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress reporting, among other processes.
  • The Mardigian Library is providing extended study hours and de-stress programming for Fall 2021 Finals. Please share this information with your students. In-person study hours are:

                    +   Wednesday 12/8, 9am - Midnight
                    +   Thursday 12/9, 9am - Midnight
                    +   Friday 12/10, 9am - 9pm
                    +   Saturday 12/11, 10am - 6pm
                    +   Sunday 12/12, Noon - Midnight
                    +   Monday 12/13 - Thursday 12/16, 9am - Midnight
                    +   Thursday 12/16, 9am - Midnight
                    +   Friday 12/17, 9am - 7:30pm
                    +   Saturday 12/18 & Sunday, 12/19 CLOSED
                    +   Monday 12/20 - Wednesday 12/22, 11am - 6pm
                    +   Thursday 12/23 - Sunday 1/2, CLOSED
                    +   Monday 1/3/2022, 11am - 6pm
                    +   For more information go to: Mardigian Library

  • We have been working on the Fall 2022 schedule which is due by December 17. As I messaged in October, our campus has launched the CLSS pilot for several departments across the four colleges.
  • The Registrar’s Office has created an Academic Calendar in Google which provides all the significant events and dates during the academic year. Please feel free to add it to your Google calendar.
  • Our campus will reopen on January 3rd, which is also the deadline for our campus community to be in compliance with the vaccine mandate. Classes will start Monday, January 10: as of now, we expect about 72% of courses to meet on campus.

I wish you all a productive and smooth end of the semester and thank you again for all of your hard work during these last few months as we transitioned back to face-to-face classes.


Gabriella Scarlatta
Interim Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Office of the Provost

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Dearborn, MI 48128
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Phone: 313-593-5030