SUBJECT: Updates and Reminders

I hate to add yet another email to your lives but we wanted to catch you up on a few things and make one more appeal as we collectively wobble toward the end of term…. we will get there!

Updates and Reminders:

Winter 2021 Pass/No Record COVID Option
As a reminder, in December 2020, the governing faculty approved an extension to the selective drop period and the Pass/No Record COVID (NRC) grading option for the winter term. Students are again being advised to speak with an academic advisor to consider potential implications to financial aid before making the decision to use the Pass/NRC option. If you are aware of students with concerns about the semester, please remind them of this option. Details and deadlines for both are outlined on the website.

Reservable Final Exam Study Space in the Library
The Mardigian Library will be providing a limited number of student study spaces for the Winter 2021 final exam period. Reservable spaces will be available April 12 through April 28, daily, from 11:30am - 6:00pm (the spaces will not be available on Fridays or Saturdays). Students will be able to reserve space for three contiguous hour blocks. Further details and a link for reserving space.

Faculty Office Access Policy 
Faculty members can now return to their offices without requesting prior access.  While everyone is still encouraged to work remotely, we recognize that some need access to their office in order to teach or fulfill other responsibilities.

In-Person Engaged Learning Process

Going forward, we will no longer require students to submit for central review their plans for any in-person domestic engaged learning opportunities.  Dearborn students are still required to register with U-M's for international and domestic travel that relates to UM in any way (for a class, engaged learning activity, etc.); travel must be deemed ‘essential’ per ongoing U-M guidelines.  Students should forward a written email verification to the Director of Global Engagement, Scott Riggs (, from a UM-Dearborn faculty member stating that the student’s travel is essential both academically and to the specific requested location.

Religious Holidays

We are approaching many religious holidays (for example, Ramadan begins next week) that will require us to remain flexible and accommodate student needs. Please remember the university has a policy in place to protect religious devotions and obligations, and thank you for your cooperation.

Student Well Being:

While I know you have all been keeping the best interests of our students in hearts and minds throughout this long, long slog, can I ask that you be especially aware and supportive at this end of term time?  It is clear that many are struggling and hurting. Any good cheer, encouragement or flexibility you can offer would be enormously appreciated and make a difference.  I ask this knowing that you too are all tired and stressed and that you have been doing this all along….

Upcoming Event:

May 5, 4:00-5:30 pm

Assistant Professor Networking Event.png  – Sponsored by the Offices of the Provost, UM-Dearborn and UM-Flint

We know it has been hard to meet new people and network lately, so we are having a virtual meet and greet and network. During this virtual session, we will do introductions of all participants and then have breakout rooms for like disciplines to engage in conversations around their research and teaching. We will also be giving away four $250 Virtual Conference vouchers for participants from each campus to cover registration for an academic conference of your choice. To RSVP, please click here.

(If there is interest in other such gatherings for other participants, let us know!)

With thanks for all you do and take care,

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