Return to Campus for Faculty/Staff

This webpage serves as the UM-Dearborn Return to Campus for Academic Affairs hub where information and links can be found to help facilitate our faculty’s return to campus along with important and helpful information around teaching and research.

Need to Know Items
  • Face Coverings Policy -- Everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, must wear face coverings while indoors

  • Vaccination Policy -- Faculty, staff, and students are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Individuals must have completed, or received, at least the initial dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and submit their proof of vaccination information to U-M no later than August 30, 2021

  • Information regarding symptoms, testing sites, contract tracing and more is available through our Emergency Management Office

  • UM-Dearborn Connect -- The UM-Dearborn Connect webpage has been discontinued so please begin using the Faculty & Staff Resources page for faculty business (i.e., submitting grades, viewing your class schedule, etc.).

Classrooms and Teaching Policies & Support
Classroom and Teaching Policies
  • Non-Compliance Face Coverings Policy -- Instructions for managing students who fail to comply with face coverings policy.

  • Classroom Visitors/Guest Speakers ResponsiBLUE Screening -- Classroom visitors, such as guest speakers, may be invited to classrooms. Classroom visitors do not need to show proof of vaccination but must successfully complete (receive a green check) the guest ResponsiBLUE health screening and wear a face covering inside the building.

  • Engaged Learning Guidelines -- All engaged learning activities must receive approval from the appropriate college-level administrator or supervisor. Dearborn students participating in engaged learning activities are required to be vaccinated and register with the University of Michigan's Student Travel Registry for international and domestic travel that relates or otherwise connects in any way (e.g., for a class, engaged learning activity, etc.).

  • Syllabus Template -- Please note that the campus has included a short Vaccination and Face Coverings Policy statement for the Fall 2021 semester. 

  • Classroom spacing -- Classrooms and laboratories will be at the pre-COVID densities. In accordance with OSHA guidelines, there are no social distancing restrictions.

  • Classroom cleaning -- Every active classroom building has hand sanitizer stations at its entrance and on each floor. High-touch surfaces are cleaned daily in accordance with current CDC guidelines. Disinfectant and paper towels are available in all classrooms and laboratories. Faculty and students will be responsible for cleaning high touch surfaces before and after each class and laboratory session.

  • Academic Code of Conduct

  • Conflicts Between the Academic and Religious Calendars -- Faculty shall provide students with an opportunity to make up missed work as a result of an observance of a religious holiday. Students are required to provide faculty with notice by no later than the drop/add deadline of each semester.

Teaching Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove my face covering while I'm teaching?

No. Faculty cannot remove their face coverings while teaching. As stipulated in the campus’s Face Coverings policy, all individuals must wear a face covering, regardless of vaccination status.

Can I switch my in-person course to online?

No. All courses should be offered in the modality that they appear in the Fall 2021 course schedule. Faculty cannot unilaterally change their course(s) instructional mode.

What if a student in my in-person class requests to work remotely?

Students who enroll in on-campus courses are expected to take part in the classroom learning experience and activities. If a student is diagnosed with COVID, please follow these guidelines.

What if a student in my class (in-person or online) informs me that they have COVID-19?

If a student informs you that they have (or think they may have) COVID, please direct the student to and 313-593-5056, or contact the Dean of Students Office directly, and they will reach out to the student.

If my class is face-to-face can I choose to have an online final exam?

Face-to-face courses sometimes have final projects, papers, or take-home exams collected online during the final exam period. If you prefer an exam that requires proctoring, please remember the campus’ avoidance of e-proctoring practices and consider face-to-face proctoring.

If I contract COVID what resources are available to help me maintain continuity of instruction for my classes?

Check out the Hub’s Emergency Planning for Continuity of Instruction page or reach out to a Hub Instructional Designer for strategies to move your instruction online.

What should I do if a student refuses to wear their face covering?

If a student fails to comply with that policy, then instructors should take the following steps in order to resolve the situation: 

  1. If a student is not wearing a personal face covering in the classroom, the instructor should remind the student --- in private, if possible --- that it is the university’s policy for all individuals on campus to wear a face covering.
  2. If the student fails to comply, then the instructor should ask that the student leave the classroom and only return to class when they are willing and able to attend with the proper personal face coverings. Students may contact Disability and Accessibility Services (DAS) to determine if an accommodation is reasonable under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
  3. If the student continues to refuse to comply, then the instructor must end instruction and dismiss the class. As in any situation in which behavior escalates to the level at which there is a concern for safety, faculty may contact the Department of Police & Public Safety (313-593-5333). 
  4. After having dismissed the class, the instructor should file a CARE report with the Dean of Students’ Office. The student who refused to wear a face covering shall not be allowed to return to class until the case is addressed through the Disruptive Student Behavior policy.

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