Assessment Week 2022

Want insights on how to approach assessment right now? Have questions about assessment? Need a refresher on program and DDC assessment as we slowly move back towards normal university functioning?

Assessment Week has you covered with both synchronous and asynchronous sessions for your informational needs, paired with moderated Slack discussions for your questions and need for connection!

  • Engage in conversations about updates to the Program Assessment report template 
  • Attend interactive sessions to explore data collected through DDC Assessment 
  • Browse through online resources, examples, and tools 

Virtual & Live Sessions

Register for the remote and live interactive sessions about Program Assessment and DDC Assessment!

March 23, 1:00pm - 2:00pm - Program Assessment New Template Launch

March 25, 9:30am - 11:00am - DDC QTPS Session

March 25, 1:30pm - 3:00pm - DDC QTPS Session

Asynchronous Learning and Engagement Materials

Explore the presentations, recordings, and materials below! 

Using Assessment Grants to Fund Assessment Projects: 

Assessment grants are available to provide your program with the resources to move forward with your assessment goals. Many programs have already used assessment grants to re-design shared assessment tools, gather and analyze assessment data on specific aspects of their programs, design protocols for continuous assessment, and much more.  Peruse the asynchronous materials and then discuss with us or ask questions in our moderated Slack discussions!


Using Canvas Outcomes for DDC & Program Assessment: 

You can gather program and DDC assessment data on learning outcomes easily and directly in Canvas, by using assignment rubrics. High-enrolled DDC courses are using this functionality to streamline data collection.  Learn how to set-up and use this canvas function, and then join a Slack chat to ask questions or discuss this approach.


Online vs. In-Person Assessment Planning:

Many programs have had questions about how courses and assessment compare between in-person and online courses, and how to design assessments that might work in both modalities.  Learn how two CASL programs recently used campus Assessment Grants to compare learning outcomes and assessment across in-person & online courses, and gain insights from a Hub Instructional Designer on how to design assessments that work in multiple modalities.


Closing the Loop: 

Refresh your approach to “Closing the Loop” in this asynchronous session. Gain insights on how you can use student assessment data to identify program strengths and weaknesses, thoughtfully and rigorously improve your program, and make a well-supported case for what your program needs to support student learning. Work through the asynchronous material on your own, then join a Slack discussion to raise questions and share your ideas about “Closing-the-Loop."


Building Assessment Narratives: 

In this asynchronous session, work through materials that help you think about the “story” your assessment data can tell you, and how you can plan, gather, and analyze assessment data through a structured narrative to better understand and communicate your findings. Join colleagues in a moderated Slack discussion on this topic, if you would like!


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