Second Year Student Success

Your second year in college is a unique time—you’ve got a year of experience under your belt and have gotten to know the campus community. Now that you’ve adjusted to college life, the second year is the time to set new goals, explore campus further, and immerse yourself in the Dearborn experience. 

Your second year at the University of Michigan - Dearborn can also feel like a big transition. You may be getting settled into your major or feeling like you need to pick a brand new one, you might take on new responsibilities through a job or campus organization, and your social groups might be finding a new routine. Whether you have your path mapped out or you are still exploring your interests, your sophomore year marks the point in your academic career where you are in the driver’s seat. This website is designed for you to make the most of your second-year experience.  Check out the resources and tips below!

Have a great second year!


Second Year Experience, OSL
  • Declare your major
  • Consider adding a minor or second major  
  • Learn about study abroad and venture opportunities  
  • Look into service learning opportunities 
  • Research internships related to your career interests 
  • Get connected with the Office of Career Services 
  • Join a new student organization 
  • Reflect on your values, beliefs and what motivates you
Second year checklist

Are you up for the challenge? Check out the second year success to-do list! Check off items as you journey into and out of your second year. We hope that you will rise to the challenge! 

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