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EvaluationKit is UM-Dearborn's electronic course evaluation system.  Most courses will have course evaluations done within EvaluationKit, but some faculty can still choose to use paper forms or opt out of the course evaluation process completely in certain cases.

Students have (generally) one to two weeks at the end of each semester to complete course evaluations done with EvaluationKit.  Evaluation reports are completely anonymous, and are made available to faculty a week after final grades for a semester are turned into the registrar's office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are course evaluations done through EvaluationKit anonymous?

Yes, all reports available to individual instructors and departments are completely anonymous.  The system does have identifiers for faculty and students, but they are only used to display the correct courses on the dashboard and assure students can only submit one evaluation per course.

When can students fill out course evaluations?

Course evaluations will generally be available for students to fill out for two weeks (one week for half-term summer courses), ending on the final day of regular classes (before final exams).  For certain courses that do not run for an entire term, the evaluation availability may be different, though evaluations should always be completed before each course's final exam.  Notification emails will be sent to both instructors and students when evaluations start for each course.

When can instructors see course evaluation results?

Course evaluation reports become available to instructors one week after the final grade submission deadline.

I can't see the "Course Evals" link in Canvas, what do I do?

Certain ad blockers ad web filtering software packages have been found to block the Course Evals menu from appearing in Canvas.  Using a different web browser may fix the problem.  If the problem persists, you can login to EvaluationKit directly using the login button on this page, or by using the unique link sent to your university email address as part of the EvaluationKit automated notifications.

Are course evaluations done in Canvas?

No.  While there is an integration between Canvas and EvaluationKit (the Course Evals link on course menus and the Course Evaluations link on profile menus), EvaluationKit is a completely separate system and can be used without ever going to Canvas.



  • Course List: If the course list in EvaluationKit is not correct, please contact your department admin or secretary as soon as possible. Courses cannot be changed once the course evaluations open for student responses.
  • Viewing Results: Please see the EvaluationKit guide for viewing reports for instructions on finding available reports when logged in to EvaluationKit.
  • Technical Issues: Please email


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