Not every planned special event runs as scheduled.

Some incidents occur that are beyond our control. To ensure the safety of our visitors, each of us have the responsibility to protect and minimize the effects of an emergency incident at a planned special event.

Actions to Take


If an incident occurs on campus that has the potential to effect the safety of the people on campus, the University will use UM Emergency Alerts and other means of communications to advise you of the incident and provide you with instructions.

Ensure that those on the event-management team have registered to receive the UM Emergency Alerts. This is especially important if the vent has non-university personnel in attendance who are not in the UM Emergency Alerts system. If a UM Emergency Alert is sent, tell your audience exactly what the message says and follow the directions provided.

In a pre-event briefing among managers, ushers, and other staff, review:

  • Details of the venue, including entrances and exits, number of people attending, and specific information about the audience/attendees. 
  • Clear direction on unacceptable behavior.
  • Stay informed on the weather. If inclement weather is expected, make sure someone is assigned to keep track of it. Decide what the communications structure looks like if there are severe weather or tornado warnings. Also, determine who may need assistance evacuating and who might assist others (children or the elderly). 
  • Review emergency and evacuation plans.
  • If an emergency occurs, contact the University Department of Public Safety at 9-1-1 or 313-593-5333.
  • If relevant, arrange for a member of the staff to meet emergency personnel at the entrance to escort them to the location of the incident.
  • Follow directions given by the University Department of Public Safety.

Emergency Management

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