Hail! (Welcome!)

Hail to the University of Michigan-Dearborn!  10 things you should know about Enrollment Management and Student Life...

1. Our mission is "We help students succeed."  It's why we exist.

2. We are part of a large support team for students as students work with faculty to pursue academic dreams.

3. We are not just a commuter campus any more.  We are the only public university in the state that offers only apartment style housing.  (You don't want to live in a tiny dorm room?  Check out the apartments at The Union.)

4. We value not being a large university.  Opportunities for smaller classes and stronger relationships characterize who we are.  

5. Your primary purpose for being here is what you learn in class, but there are many other opportunities for you be involved on campus - including over 130 student organizations.

6. Whether you are an athlete or a fan, you'll enjoy helping create the tradition of 'bornBlue!

7. And our football stadium seats 107,601...  We're proud to support the University of Michigan football team in "The Big House"!  University of Michigan-Dearborn students have access to purchasing student tickets for the games - and they certainly do take advantage of that.

8. Every campus I know values diversity/inclusion.  This campus lives that value daily - regularly seeking ways to improve.

9. We love what we do!

10. A part of our tradition says that we are a community of higher education, not an institution of higher education.  We welcome you to that community!

Explore the web site.  If you don't find something, don't hesitate to contact us.  We want to help.

Go Blue! Hail to the Victors!

Office of Enrollment Management and Student Life

1060 -
Administration Building (AB)
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