University of Michigan-Dearborn leaders have been working with University of Michigan officials and health professionals to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19. Our goals are to deliver on our mission while protecting health and safety by minimizing the potential spread of the virus, both within our community and in the broader society. 

Guiding Principles

The university developed the following guiding principles to inform all decisions related to the fall 2020 semester: 

  • Ensure the health and safety of the campus community in accordance with the University of Michigan’s Chief Health Officer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health and government officials (e.g. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Wayne County)
  • Provide high academic quality with a focus on student success for all students, in all modalities
  • Create safe and efficient learning spaces and a welcoming environment for all students
  • Consider financial impact and ease of implementation solutions  
  • Implement effective and robust non-academic student experiences 
  • Consider public perception and differentiators during decision making

Task Forces and Committees 

The university Emergency Operations Center (EOC) team has been leading the campus response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several additional task forces were identified to assist with planning for the fall semester. Individuals were selected based on their staff responsibilities and professional experience.  

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Led by the Office of Emergency Management, the EOC works to provide a safe and secure environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors coming to the university. It utilizes integrated planning with internal university affiliations, as well as external entities, to prevent the loss of life and reduce injuries and property damage during natural and man-made incidents/events through emergency management principles of planning, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

  • Sue Alcock, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Rima Berry-Hung, Director for Human Resources
  • Keisha Blevins, Chief of Staff
  • Marc A. Brigolin, Business Affairs Senior Manager
  • Linda Dintenfass, Emergency Management Specialist
  • Laura Drabczyk, Director for Emergency Management 
  • Amy Finley, Dean of Students
  • Carol Glick, Executive Director for Facilities Operations
  • Gary Gorski, Chief of Police
  • Amanda Hill, Business Administrator
  • Noel Hornbacher, Financial Services Senior Director
  • Ken Kettenbeil, Vice Chancellor for External Relations
  • James Knittel, Deputy Chief of Police
  • Joseph Lubomirski, Infrastructure Manager
  • Beth Marmarelli, Executive Director for Communications & Marketing
  • Thomas Perez, Director for Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Carrie Shumaker, Chief Information Officer

Task Forces

Task forces were created to develop recovery plans, specific to departments, for the Fall 2020 semester. The groups worked closely with Emergency Operations Center membership. Their recommendations and decisions follow the guiding principles to create a robust teaching and learning environment this fall. 

Task Force Leadership

  • Academic Planning: Ilir Miteza and Mitch Sollenberger, Associate Provosts
  • Student Experience: Amy Finley, Dean of Students
  • Library: Maureen Linker, Director of the Library and Patrick Armatis, Systems Administrator
  • University Unions and Events: David Disney, Director of Student Union & Event Services
  • Early Childhood Education: Sarah Davey, Director for Early Childhood Education Center
  • Logistics and Infrastructure: Carol Glick, Executive Director for Facilities Operations
  • Instructional Learning Laboratories: Daniel Lawson, Natural Sciences Professor of Chemistry & Physics
  • Business Operations: Rima Berry-Hung, Director for Human Resources
  • Supporting staff: Marc A. Brigolin, Business Affairs Senior Manager; Linda Dintenfass, Emergency Management Specialist; Laura Drabczyk, Director for Emergency Management; Joe Lubomirski, Infrastructure Manager; Carrie Shumaker, Chief Information Officer

Campus Communications

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the university has shared updates and information with the campus community. 

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