University of Michigan-Dearborn leaders have been working with University of Michigan officials and health professionals to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 over the past several months.

Our goals are to deliver on our mission while protecting health and safety by minimizing the potential spread of the disease, both within our community and in the broader society. 

Use this page to get more information and answers regarding admissions.

Undergraduate Admissions

Has the university canceled events on campus?

All On Campus Admissions Events have been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. We recognize the importance of students' ability to visit campus, and we are providing virtual event experiences. Please visit our website for more information on virtual events.

Is the Undergraduate Admission team available virtually?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is not conducting appointments in the office, but we are still available to help. If you’re interested in speaking with an admissions counselor, please visit or email to schedule a phone or virtual appointment. The email account is monitored daily. 


If I want to visit campus, can I do so?

Our goal is to deliver on our mission while protecting health and safety by minimizing the potential spread of COVID-19, both on campus and within the broader community. Given this, the University is working remotely, and all buildings on campus are closed. We invite you to visit campus in the future, when students and staff have returned — this will help to protect your safety and ensure that you experience UM-Dearborn with all it has to offer!


Will there be opportunities for me to interact with current UM-Dearborn undergraduate students online?

Yes!  Current UM-Dearborn students would be happy to connect with you and answer any questions.  You can email; this account is monitored by current UM-Dearborn students, and you can expect a response within one business day.

When will you resume tours?

Please check the website for updates regarding potential reinstatement of in person tours.


I have met the graduation requirements of my high school. Will my offer of admission be negatively impacted by my school’s closure due to COVID-19?

If you have met the graduation requirements of your high school, your admission decision will not be impacted or changed. Students are simply required to provide a copy of their final official transcript — showing proof of graduation — to enroll for future terms at UM-Dearborn.


How will taking classes online impact my application or enrollment?

If you are a high school student, we will accept the information provided on your transcripts from the high school as satisfying graduation requirements. 

If you are a transfer student, we will accept the courses that were offered online as long as they are posted on your transcript. Courses taken in the Winter or Fall 2020 semester, if otherwise transferable, will be granted credit if the grade is deemed as Pass/Satisfactory (or its equivalent) from transferring institutions. These courses, if applicable, will fulfill general education and degree requirements.

How will AP and IB credit be awarded?

AP and IB credit will be awarded as normal. AP scores received through the at-home testing option for AP classes will result in the same course placement or credit as traditional AP scores. We will award credit based on the documents received from International Baccalaureate. More information about AP and IB credit is available.

Undergraduate Admissions - Standardized Test Requirements

If I am applying for Fall 2021, am I required to take the SAT or ACT test and send you my scores?

The University recognizes the challenges that students are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, in response, the standardized test requirement will be temporarily eliminated for students applying for Fall 2021 freshman admission.

Can I take the SAT or ACT and submit scores if I want to?

Students applying to UM-Dearborn will have an option on the admission application to opt in for test-optional admission, students who select this option will not have test scores factored into the admissions decision. Students that select test-optional are not precluded from taking standardized tests (SAT or ACT) and sending scores if they are able. Doing so is recommended, as it may increase institutional scholarship eligibility and help with course placement.

Does this apply to applicants for later years (Fall 2022 and beyond)?

This modification to the test requirement, at this time, is a temporary accommodation driven by the current extraordinary circumstances. However, we also consider it an opportunity to assess our admission policies and the role standardized tests may play in admissions processes in the longer term for future years.

Does this mean it will be easier for students to get into UM-Dearborn?

This does not lower the bar for admission, but accommodates the real barriers students have faced as tests have been canceled and classes have moved to Pass/No Pass grading. When no test scores are available, the admissions decision will include a more holistic, committee-based approach to application review within a student’s individual context.

How does this admission change affect university scholarship and need-based aid awards for incoming freshmen?

We will continue to use SAT or ACT scores for merit-based scholarship consideration. However, we will also increase our institutional funding based on financial need to ensure UM-Dearborn is financially accessible to all students, whether or not they submit test scores.

Graduate & International Admissions

Has the university canceled events on campus?

Yes, on-campus events have been canceled until further notice. We are holding virtual events and will share additional details on those when available.

With campus buildings closed, how can I reach Graduate staff and faculty?

Office of Graduate Studies staff and graduate program contacts are working remotely. For graduate admissions questions, please email Visit the program contact page for the best points of contact by individual graduate programs for academic-related questions. 

Has the current global pandemic affected graduate application deadlines or standardized test requirements?

View current application deadlines

Standardized Test Requirements

At this time, the programs that require the GRE or GMAT (all College of Business graduate programs, the MS in Psychology and the doctoral programs in CEHHS and CECS), have not made any adjustments to the requirement. Hard-deadline programs, such as doctoral programs and Psychology programs, have scheduled their next deadlines far enough in advance that we hope things will be back to normal during those times. View those application deadlines here: Additionally, the College of Business offers many waiver options in place.

Testing agencies have started to make adjustments and there are at-home options for most areas. See more at the following links: 

We are aware that the current coronavirus outbreak has resulted in widespread English test center closures in many regions. In response to this, we will temporarily accept the Duolingo English Test from applicants affected by these closures for students applying to begin their studies in fall 2020, or winter 2021 semesters. Affected applicants may take the Duolingo test online and request scores be sent directly to the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


If the current global health crisis prevents me from entering the United States to begin my academic program will I be able to defer the start of my program? If so, how many terms/semesters will I be able to defer?

Masters-level applications are valid for one academic year from your initial term of application. If a change in start term is needed, a deferral request must be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies via the Graduate Admissions Deferral Request Form. It is recommended that the written notification be received by the advisory deadline for the new requested term of entry.

All documents previously submitted will be transferred to the new term along with your admission if you are eligible for a deferral. If you choose to attend another university in the meantime, your application will require a second review by the Faculty Review Committee with official transcripts from that institution.

Doctoral students should reach out to their admitting programs to discuss available options.  

If you are in need of a student visa, a new I-20 will need to be issued for the term you select. Additional financial documentation may be required if materials on file are older than one year. 

Please note: Now that the campus has announced Fall course plans, newly admitted Masters-level international students have some additional options to consider including beginning your program of study online from your home country for the Fall 2020 Term.  To do so, you are not required to obtain an F-1 student visa. When the campus reopens to students, you will be able to transition to on-campus enrollment. The timeline for this transition to on-campus enrollment will depend on your ability to obtain the F-1 student visa and enter the United States. Enrolling for one semester online will not affect the degree credential you will be awarded from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  The diploma would read exactly the same.  

Please note, however,  that semesters completed online will not satisfy eligibility requirements for certain F-1 student visa benefits, such as work authorization. Common types of work authorization that international students enjoy at UM-Dearborn include CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and OPT (Optional Practical Training). In order to qualify for CPT or OPT, an international student must first complete two consecutive, full-time semesters on-campus and in F-1 student status. For example, if you complete the Fall 2020 semester remotely, but then arrive on campus and complete Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 on campus then you will become eligible to apply for CPT beginning in the Fall 2021 semester (assuming that your Summer 2021 enrollment was full-time). 

The timing of your arrival on campus and the full-time semesters that you are able to complete in F-1 status are important considerations to keep in mind if you intend to participate in co-curricular internships and work opportunities as part of your graduate program. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact the OIA ( with questions. OIA international student/scholar advisors will be thrilled to assist you in developing a plan.

If your current I-20 is for the fall semester, then the Office of International Affairs (OIA) will need to issue you a new I-20 with program dates corresponding to the semester of your on-campus enrollment. Therefore, please plan to work closely with the OIA before September 1, 2020 to ensure that you are issued an updated I-20. 

See more about this option on our Online Enrollment for New International Students page.

Will Fall 2020 students be deferred to Winter 2021?

We will not automatically defer anyone. Individuals should request a deferral if desired via the Graduate Admissions Deferral Request Form.

How will I receive my I-20 in this environment?

Currently, in accordance with DHS guidelines, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) is issuing digital I-20s via email. Furthermore, the OIA is accepting all required I-20 documentation via email as well. 

Due to the suspension of mail services in my home country, I am unable to submit original documentation via mail. What other option do I have to submit my required documentation?

The Office of International Affairs is currently accepting all required immigration documentation via email, at The Office of Graduate Studies is accepting unofficial transcripts at this time via email, at

If I begin my academic program online will I still be eligible for OPT?

The semesters that you complete remotely, online, will not count toward CPT or OPT eligibility. In order to be eligible for CPT or OPT, students must have been enrolled full-time, on-campus, in F-1 status for two consecutive semesters.

For additional information regarding the option for fall 2020 international students to begin their programs online, please review our International Online FAQ page.

Can I register for 3-6 credits online in fall semester or do I need to satisfy the full-time/ 8 credit hour requirement?

If you are in the U.S. on a student visa and fall 2020 is your first semester attending UM-Dearborn, you will need to enroll full-time. If you are taking classes online from your home country, you won't need to maintain a full-time load of 8 credit hours.


Will Winter 2021 intake have classes on campus or online?

At this time, we do not know if there will be format changes needed for the Winter 2021 Term. Campus leadership is closely monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and plans to announce Winter 2021 plans by October 1, 2020. We are working with University officials and health professionals following the guidance of the State of Michigan and the CDC. Our goals are to deliver on our mission while protecting health and safety by minimizing the potential spread of the disease, both within our community and in the broader society. If it is deemed necessary, changes could be made to move all (or many) courses online, but an official decision on Winter 2021 Term has not been made yet. We will notify admitted students of any changes and their options as they are determined. 

I am a Fall 2020 international student and have questions about the online enrollment option?

International students eligible for the online enrollment option have been notified.  Please visit our International Online FAQ page for answers. 


When will the US embassies/consulates reopen so new student visas can be issued?

The global COVID-19 situation is dynamic and quickly changing. As of March 20, 2020, all U.S. embassies and consulates around the world have suspended the routine processing of visas due to COVID-19. Please check the U.S. Department of State's visa page for announcements and updates in order to stay informed about the resumption of consular services and visa processing times. You may also wish to check the website of the US embassy or consulate nearest to you for other updates. Embassies and consulates will resume routine visa services as soon as possible, but the Department of State has yet to provide a specific timeline for when this will occur. 

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