The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to serving students in need throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, evidenced by the consistent and ongoing prioritization of our community’s health and safety in all decision making. That said, there are times when students may experience challenges as a result of the pandemic, and may turn to the University for assistance. UM-Dearborn leads with care, and takes action to find appropriate solutions when possible to support students along their academic journey.

UM-Dearborn will support and offer living space and other immediate essentials for staff or students who need to quarantine or isolate safely. The ability to offer this service may be limited based on availability of quarantine and isolation housing.

Upon notification of a student emergency, including requests for housing or food assistance, the University of Michigan-Dearborn COVID Support Team will gather to determine appropriate next steps. Based on the team’s discretion, the following may be considered:

  • Provision of emergency housing for quarantine or isolation
  • Provision of food, cleaning, or other critical items needed by a student for illness or recovery
  • Provision of transportation to or from quarantine/isolation housing

The Dearborn COVID Support team will consider the following, when deciding what support will be given:

  • Level of threat to health and safety of students, faculty, and staff
  • Extent to which support would mitigate further spread of COVID-19
  • Extent to which the student has other resources to meet their needs

There may be emergencies which require immediate decision-making, or there may be times in which the COVID Support Team is not able to gather in a timely fashion. During those times, the Dean of Students, in consultation with the UM-Dearborn Student COVID Support Coordinator, may make decisions about what services are to be provided.

Temporary Housing 

In the event that public health officials or health care providers have determined that a staff or student needs to quarantine or isolate and the individual cannot do so safely at their current residence, the UM Dearborn COVID Support Team may offer temporary housing to the individual in a non-university leased residence. 

If the University determines that temporary housing is appropriate to provide, the COVID Support Team will coordinate a reservation with the Property Manager at a location determined by the COVID Support Team. The length of the student’s stay will be determined based on the guidance of public health officials or health care providers.  The Student COVID Support Coordinator will manage all communications with the student(s), including reservation information, packing list, and daily wellness checks. The COVID Support Team will also assist in facilitating additional support resources including but not limited to food and critical supplies from the Student Food Pantry or local grocery stores, academic support, and Counseling and Psychological Services.

The expectation for student(s) responsibilities are as follows:

All students provided temporary housing should follow quarantine and isolation procedures recommended by the CDC or other public health organizations (such as Wayne County).

Food / Immediate Supplies 

The COVID Support Team will provide staff or students residing in temporary quarantine/isolation housing with essential food and supplies needed upon arrival as needed. Based upon the specific circumstances, the support team will consider what supplies the university will provide and which the student will need to provide for themself based upon the below parameters:

  • Emergency move/last minute
    • In the event a student is unable to anticipate a relocation, the University will work with them to identify needed supplies such as food and other essentials and have them delivered to the temporary residence.
  • Non-emergency/planned
    • If a student has time to anticipate a possible move, the student will be responsible to bring their own food and other supplies.

Food and supplies can also be provided to students who are not in provisioned housing through the UM-Dearborn Student Food Pantry.


There may be occasions in which the UM-Dearborn COVID Support teams approves the  transportation of students, faculty or staff to or from a location, and requests support from the University. In these situations, as described above, the request will be reviewed by the UM-Dearborn COVID Support Team. In the event that the University agrees to provide transportation, transport will be guided by the Standard Operating Procedures for University Owned Transportation.

Additional Support 

Even after emergent concerns have dissipated, students may have need for ongoing support in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: academic, mental health, financial, technological. Students are encouraged to stay in regular communication with the Dearborn COVID Support Coordinator to ensure they access the myriad campus resources and get the support they need to be successful. Similarly, the University can help a student connect with community resources such as information about COVID-19 testing.


In the event that the University of Michigan-Dearborn COVID Support Team determines it appropriate to provide temporary housing or other emergency support to a student, the Dean of Students, or their designee, will notify both the Chancellor and the Provost.

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