University of Michigan-Dearborn leaders have been working with University of Michigan officials and health professionals to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 over the past several months.

Our goals are to deliver on our mission while protecting health and safety by minimizing the potential spread of the disease, both within our community and in the broader society. 

Use this page to get more information and answers regarding work.

Where can I get information on COVID-related time off, updates to benefits plans and other resources?

University Human Resources has a webpage that contains information for employees about working from home, paid time off options for COVID-related scenarios, resources to support your mental, emotional and physical health, guidance for supervisors, updates to benefit plans, and more.

What resources are available for faculty for teaching courses online?

There are a number of resources available for faculty.

  • Academic integrity is a concern in all environments, including face-to-face courses. Search the Canvas Commons for “Dearborn Academic Integrity” for two modules that you can import into your own courses. Set up a meeting with a Hub Instructional Designer to talk through ways to design a course to avoid cheating.
  • A COVID-19 Legal Protection Statement has been recently added to the Faculty Handbook which provides notice that students need to comply with all UM-Dearborn policies related to public health when taking part in on-campus classes and research, particularly those participating in field work, clinical placements, or similar activities.  
I need to have an I-9 processed, how can I do that?

For new employees, once a job offer is submitted and the background check has passed, please email to schedule an appointment to come to campus and complete an I-9.

I have to come to campus for work, should I be monitoring for COVID-19 related symptoms before coming to campus?
  • Faculty and staff members must continue to complete ResponsiBLUE health screening before coming to campus and report their ResponsiBLUE status to their supervisor only if they receive the red check and cannot come to campus.
  • Students must complete ResponsiBLUE health screening before coming to campus. Students should report a red check screen to or call 313-593-5056.
  • Before entering any University of Michigan building, all visitors, contractors and vendors need to complete the guest version of ResponsiBLUE.
I need to come into work/my office/campus, is this allowed? What do I need to do?

Effective Thursday, July 1, 2021, Academic and research buildings will be open Monday – Friday between 8 am – 5 pm, plus evenings, when classes are scheduled. These buildings will remain locked except for the designated screening entrance. This entrance is unlocked during the times listed above and screeners will only confirm ResponsiBLUE green check. Temperature checks will no longer be conducted. 

Staff members requiring building access outside of the scheduled locations and hours may continue to use the One-Time Access Process for single visits lasting less than one hour or the MCard Access Process for single visits greater than one hour or for multiple visits.

Faculty and staff members must continue to complete ResponsiBLUE health screening before coming to campus and report their ResponsiBLUE status to their supervisor only if they receive the red check and cannot come to campus.

For those not vaccinated, current campus face covering policy requires masks and 6-foot social distancing, to the extent possible, indoors. Vaccinated faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit vaccination information through the U-M COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Report form. Those that have their vaccination status verified by the university will become exempt from masking and social distancing requirements by sharing their confirming email with their supervisor and/or their confirmation on ResponsiBLUE.   

Face masks are required in all classrooms, teaching labs and university shuttles for both vaccinated and unvaccinated faculty, staff and students. 

Face masks are not required outdoors, regardless of vaccination status or number of people gathering.

Is Campus Mail Still being delivered and how can I access it?

Campus Mail and package service will continue to be delivered to department offices daily. Packages with individual names and departments will be delivered to the department as they are received. Courier service to Ann Arbor will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice. 

If it is important for a department to receive/review their mail during this time, each department is asked to identify an individual that will be responsible for retrieving mail, at most weekly, for the department. Mail must be retrieved and processed following the procedure on the mail services website.

I’m a faculty and staff member and working remote, do I still have to pay for parking?

Faculty and staff will not be charged for parking on campus during the 2020-2021 academic year. Parking permits will still be required with the distribution managed by the Facilities Operations team. 

I’m a faculty or staff member having a hard time managing everything and am feeling stressed and overwhelmed during this challenging time. Are there any resources available to me?

We understand that this is a very challenging time, everything about our personal and professional lives has changed at a very rapid pace. The university is committed to developing resources to assist you. 

U-M Human Resources has developed a COVID FAQ webpage with information and resources regarding working safely or working from home this fall semester, considerations around child care, and plans for what to do if you or a family member becomes ill. 

The Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office (FASCCO) is available with usefeul resources for faculty and staff on mental health and well being. 

Recognizing that those who are required to do caring labor, in their homes, with their families, with students, for their communities, will likely bear a greater burden during this pandemic. The burden is even heavier for those who face intersecting systems of oppression, such as ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, age, economic class, dependent status, and/or ability. For these reasons, the Campus Care and Equity Task Force has been created to assess the division of caring labor and to enact solutions that value and promote a culture of care. 

Faculty and staff are often also looking for resources to help UM-Dearborn students. CAPS has developed several resources to help: 

  • The Faculty Toolkit for Supporting Student Mental Health is intended to provide faculty with important information regarding mental health; and, how to help foster a campus environment supportive of student mental health.
  • The De-escalation Skills Workshop for faculty and staff covers strategies and tactics regarding de-escalation. These skills may be important when working with students who are in distress.
I can only find a vaccine appointment during work hours. Can I miss work to get the vaccine, will I still get paid?

Recognizing flexibility is needed so employees can register for vaccine appointments during work hours, as of March 21, 2021, the university is providing employees with up to two hours of paid release time per vaccine dose. Paid release time for vaccination is limited to up to two hours, per vaccination appointment, and for non-exempt staff is reported as REG. (Exempt employees only report exception time). More details and time code information is available on the U-M HR website.

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