Student Vaccination and Enforcement Policies

The student vaccination and enforcement policy below has been developed in order to minimize health risks to the campus, provide additional flexibility for students that will remain remote this semester and allow all students the ability to progress to the completion of their degree. 

On campus students

All students with in-person classes must obtain compliance with the vaccination policy by Monday, August 30. Students can obtain compliance by doing one of the following: registering their vaccination record; registering a partial vaccination record, or receiving a religious or medical exemption. Please note, students who are partially vaccinated or have been issued an exemption must complete weekly COVID testing and upload their test result in ResponsiBLUE. Information about campus testing procedures can be found below and on the testing and vaccination clinics page.

Remote only students

Fully remote UM-Dearborn students, regardless of location (international, out of state or local), have the option of either obtaining compliance with the policy (see above), or signing an attestation form stating they will not come to campus during the Fall 2021 semester. If a remote student opts to sign the attestation form, they will not be required to comply with the policy nor participate in weekly testing for the fall 2021 semester. Please note, this may change for the winter 2022 semester. 

Student M-cards will be deactivated for those students who opt for the attestation, however students will still have full access to online library resources. Students who violate this policy will be charged with a non-academic conduct violation.

What happens if I am not in compliance?

  • On September 1, door screeners will check vaccination policy compliance at all building designated entrances. Students not in compliance will be asked to proceed to the campus testing location for testing. 
  • Between September 1 and 17, all non-compliant students will be required to be tested daily, when on campus, and take a paper copy of the test result to the door screener, while working to become compliant with the policy.
  • On Friday, September 17, all students enrolled in in-person/hybrid classes that are not in compliance with the policy, will be moved to an online section of the class, if available. If online class options are not available, students will be administratively withdrawn from the course and will be reimbursed for the tuition for this class. 
  • If the campus does not achieve a student vaccination rate deemed safe to maintain campus health and safety or if a significant outbreak occurs, the university reserves the right to pivot all classes online at any point during the semester. We are in consultation with Dr. Preeti Malani, U-M Chief Health Officer, Dr. Robert Ernst, Executive Director of University Health Services and Dr. Emily Martin, Epidemiologist U-M School of Public Health to help inform this decision. 

Please note receiving an administrative withdrawal from a class will add to the length of time to complete the degree, could impact financial aid and may have an impact on post undergraduate aspirations such as graduate, law or medical school admissions. 

The student vaccination enforcement policy is supported by the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and Student Government. 

Faculty and Staff Vaccination Enforcement Policy

Beginning August 30, employees who are not in compliance with the vaccination policy will be subject to disciplinary actions. This will be a 2-step process. Step 1 will be education and a verbal warning. Step 2 (to come at least seven days later) will be a written warning and implementation of enforcement measures as appropriate. 

Enforcement measures may include losing eligibility for next year’s merit increase (FY23) and restricted access to professional development and other funds. Additionally, staff members may be put on a 1-3-day unpaid disciplinary layoff and faculty may have sabbaticals delayed, loss of summer teaching and Professional Development Funds, or be ineligible for university honorific recognition and awards. Other measures are currently being considered. 

Unvaccinated employees will be required to follow the U-M face covering policy, receive daily COVID-19 testing and perform daily symptom checks if they are on campus. Failure to comply with these policies could be subject to further discipline up to and including discharge. 

Bargained-for (union) employees should refer to their collective bargaining agreements. 

This enforcement policy applies to all three campuses and Michigan Medicine. 

At this time there is not an exemption for faculty or staff who are working fully remote. Faculty and staff working fully remote do not have to report a weekly negative COVID test.

For employees who have submitted a request for a medical or religious exemption, the university anticipates having all requests processed by August 30, 2021. Due to the large volume of requests, delays may be possible. If you have submitted a medical or religious exemption request and have not received a response by August 30, you will be required to receive daily COVID testing, if on campus, until your request has been adjudicated. If your exemption request is denied, you will be required to receive daily (if on campus) or weekly testing until you are in compliance with the policy. Please note, disciplinary procedures, as appropriate, will be subsequently determined and will be forthcoming for employees who are denied an exemption.  


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