Reservable Office Space

During the Fall 2020 semester, most faculty and staff will not be able to work in their individual offices. Those who need to complete work on campus will have the opportunity to reserve limited office space. Appropriately and safely configured shared spaces will be located in University Center 2101. Individual workspaces will include a desk and access to a printer. A limited number will also have a computer. To learn how to reserve a space see this Knowledge Base article.

To reserve a space visit our new scheduling page


Guidelines and Precautions

  • Buildings will be locked and will require an MCard swipe to enter the building.
  • Faculty & staff will need to reserve space 3 days in advance to allow for the MCard process to be completed.
  • Faculty & staff can sign up for multiple time blocks.
  • Reservations are in four hour increments.
  • Individuals will need to use the specific numbered space they reserved online. 
  • Contact the service desk for issues with any room equipment.
  • Contact Facilities Operations at 313-593-5270 with any space related issues, such as needing more cleaning supplies.
  • Guidelines and Precautions
    • Complete the MyLINC training
    • Complete the ResponsiBlue daily health screening before arriving.
    • Follow face covering guidelines.
    • Furniture cannot be added or moved in the space.
    • Faculty and staff are responsible for cleaning their work space when they arrive and prior to departure. Cleaning supplies will be provided.
Hours and Availability
  Sun Mon - Thu Fri - Sat
8am - noon - open open
noon - 4pm - open open
4pm - 8pm - open -


Work Spaces & Locations
University Center 2101
24 Desks
7 Desks with PCs
1 Print Station


Information Technology Services

238 -
Fairlane Center North (FCN)
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