To obtain a Banner production login and password:

Your supervisor must complete the New User Request Form. It will include the systems, forms, and levels of access required for your job. Complete the form with signatures and send to ITS at 238 Fairlane Center North, care of Applications Team. Authorizations will be verified.

You must read 'Student Information System Policies and Procedures'. This document outlines Federal and State acts and University policies for using information correctly, applying policies to the data access environment, and information misuse and consequences.

Both you and your supervisor must sign the University's Access and Compliance Statement agreeing that you will abide by the policies and procedures listed in the document above.  This is extremely important.  Print and complete the following document.

Mail completed Access and Compliance Guidelines, including signatures to:
Applications Team, 238 Fairlane Center North (FCN)

Changing Access

Changes in access privileges may be required if an employee is assigned different job duties, transfers to a different department, or leaves the University.  If you need to change access rights, send an email to the ITS Help Desk at and provide specific information on the type of change needed.

Information Technology Services

238 -
Fairlane Center North (FCN)
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