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Government Mandated Survey Schedule

State Reporting Surveys
  • HEIDI Survey Budget Letter Components  Requirements                     August
  • HEIDI Survey Enrollment by Geographic Origin, Fall                            February
  • HEIDI Survey Enrollment, Fall and Fiscal Year                                     November
  • HEIDI Survey Faculty Activity (Sec 705)                                               October
  • HEIDI Survey Faculty/Staff, Fiscal Year                                                November
  • HEIDI Survey Finance - Financial Aid by Type & Amount,                    February
  • HEIDI Survey Finance - Main Portion,                                                   November
  • HEIDI Survey Finance - Tuition & Fees, Fall/Winter                              August
  • HEIDI Survey Institutional Characteristics, Fall                                     November
  • Michigan Postsecondary Handbook                                                      August 
Federal Reporting Surveys
  • IPEDS Survey 12-Month Enrollment                                                      October
  • IPEDS Survey Completions                                                                   October
  • IPEDS Survey Enrollment, Fall                                                              April
  • IPEDS Survey Finance                                                                          April
  • IPEDS Survey Graduation Rates                                                           April
  • IPEDS Survey Human Resources, Fall                                                 January
  • IPEDS Survey Institutional Characteristics, Fall                                    October
  • IPEDS Survey Student Financial Aid                                                     April 
Other Government Reporting
  • Capital Outlay Request, Fall                                                                   September
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