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Below please find answers to some commonly asked questions

How many hours of instruction is considered full time?

Full-time students are expected to attend at least 18 hours per week of English instruction in addition to required community interaction activities.  These activities give students a chance to use their English skills with native speakers, develop connections with native and non-native students, and help the local community.

Individual courses meet anywhere from one to nine hours per week in a variety of day/time options. 

What is the average ELPP course length and when can I register?

The ELPP follows UM-Dearborn's academic calendar.  For information regarding registration deadlines see: https://umdearborn.edu/students/registration-records/academic-calendar-important-dates

Please note: If you are a new ELPP student you must schedule an ELPP placement exam before you can register!  Contact our office today at umdelppum@umich.edu 

Our course length is determined by the University Academic calendar and includes final exams at the end of each semester (the months listed are only intended to give a general outline of the duration of each semester):

  • Fall: September - December
  • Winter: January - April
  • Summer: May - August
What English proficiency courses does the ELPP offer?

The ELPP offers various courses to support English learners from beginning proficiency levels up through highly advanced levels.  Courses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Writing/Grammar
  • Reading/Vocabulary
  • Oral Communication (Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation)
  • Senior Design Writing (Geared towards Engineering and Computer Science students)
  • Graduate Writing/Grammar
  • English Proficiency Test Prep
  • Specially designed English courses to supplement academic coursework
  • 3 week (August)- Specialized English and Academic Cultural course as a hands on introduction to the American University experience.   For more information: See SpEAC

For more information, see the detailed course descriptions.

What else may I need to know?

Explore the ELPP Student Handbook for more information including but not limited to instructor expectations, tuition and fees, and ELPP level progression.

How can I find success as a student in the ELPP?

1. Attend class

2. Be on time

3. Come to class prepared with homework assignments complete.

4. Be respectful and polite

5. Participate in class and speak English as often as possible inside and outside of class!  Practice, practice, practice is key!  For example, a trip to the campus library, deli, or bookstore can also be a great opportunity to practice your English speaking/listening skills!


How long will it take to reach my English proficiency goal?

Your English proficiency goal is set by you and attained by you- with our help!  The amount of time it takes you to reach your goal is determined by your efforts.  It takes time, dedication, and practice to learn English as a second language and we believe in you!  We also believe in our ability to help you reach your English proficiency goals!  Success is closer than you think.

Join us for SpEAC: August 5th- 26th, 2020!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Come enjoy a hands on introduction to the American University experience with a 3 week English & Academic Culture Course! 

Cost of the program is $2000 per student; includes instruction, materials, lunch daily (weekdays only), event tickets, and event shuttle.

Email umdelppum@umich.edu for more information.

English Language Proficiency Program

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