English Language Proficiency Program Admission & Application Process

The ELPP is an English as a Second Language program primarily designed for students transitioning to college, current college students, and adults who wish to improve their English language and academic skills in preparation for and in support of university study.  This program can assist students who do not have an English language proficiency score, who have a proficiency score below academic admission requirements, or who only want to improve their English language skills. 

Contact our office today at umdelppum@umich.edu.

Application Process

1.  Click on the maize colored "APPLY NOW" button found on this page! Complete the online portal and click submit.  

2.  Upload a copy of your current passport and an affidavit of financial support document (or you may send the documents as an attachment to: umdelppum@umich.edu).

Note: When submitting original bank statements they must be mailed to our office*:
780 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126

*(Due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 we are accepting uploaded bank statements until further notice)


ELPP Admission Policies

To be admitted to the ELPP, students who have not been provisionally admitted to an undergraduate program at the University of Michigan-Dearborn must meet the following criteria:

  • Have submitted a completed ELPP Application.

  • Have a need to improve proficiency in Standard American English, especially for academic purposes.

  • Have no history of harming or bringing potential harm to others.

  • Have graduated from an approved and/or accredited secondary school or home school or have acquired a General Equivalency Diploma or have submitted a statement as to how they fit the population the ELPP serves as described in the "Program Overview" section on page one of the ELPP Application.
  • Have no history of academic disciplinary offenses.

International students must also meet the following criterion:

  • Be able to study legally at the ELPP (please contact the Office of International Affairs for visa and status questions:  umdoia-international@umich.edu )  Additional resources regarding obtaining a student Visa can also be found at: studyinthestates.dhs.gov
ELPP Tuition & Fees

All students will be charged the university's registration, technology, and new student fee

  • The tuition for ELPP courses is $299 per contact hour
  • ELPP core classes are worth 6 contact hours, totaling $1,794 per class
  • Contact hours for ELPP electives vary by class
  • Full-time enrollment in the ELPP is considered 18 contact hours per term
  • Tuition for full-time English studies is $5,382 per term

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Special Opportunities

Special opportunities are available for select groups who may not fit the exact description above (for example, visiting scholars or international high school students enrolled in a summer course that teaches the English needed to fill out an application for a U.S. university).

Obtaining a Form Language I-20

To apply for your F-1 Student visa, you will first need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility. 

  • For F-1 visitors, the Certificate of Eligibility is the Form Language I-20.

Your Certificate of Eligibility will be processed and provided by the ELPP office. You must receive your official admission letter or invitation to the University before the ELPP will be able to create your Certificate.  Therefore, first you must apply to the ELPP using the online application portal found on this page.

To obtain your Form Language I-20, you must submit the following documents to the ELPP office*: 

  • a copy of your current passport
  • financial documentation or original bank statement (dated within 1 year of application date)
  • an affidavit of financial support signed by the person or agency responsible for paying for your educational, living, and other expenses.  An updated copy of the ELPP affidavit of financial support is found here: https://umich.box.com/v/elppaffidavitofsupport

Please note: During the period of remote operations, the ELPP is accepting all required documentation via email: umdelppum@umich.edu. In response to the pandemic, we are temporarily suspending the requirement for original documentation in the mail.   For further resources regarding the study-in-the-states process, please see: studyinthestates.dhs.gov

English Language Proficiency Program

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