The ELPP is primarily designed for students transitioning to college, current college students, and adults who wish to improve their English language and academic skills in preparation for and in support of university study. Students who do not have an English language proficiency score or who have a proficiency score below academic admission requirements can improve their English proficiency by studying in our program. Our goal is to help you meet your English proficiency goals!

Learn more about the courses we offer and explore some commonly asked questions, below. Then apply today using the blue "APPLY NOW" button found on this page!

Online Enrollment

The ELPP is now accepting applications for the summer and fall semesters of 2021. Courses will be offered on-campus and online for the upcoming semesters. 

Program Highlights

Explore the ELPP Student Handbook for more information including but not limited to instructor expectations, tuition and fees, and ELPP level progression.

Core Courses

The ELPP offers various courses to support English learners from beginning proficiency levels up through highly advanced levels. 

Core Courses:
  • Writing/Grammar
  • Reading/Vocabulary
  • Oral Communication (Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation)
  • Senior Design Writing (Geared towards Engineering and Computer Science students)
  • Graduate Writing/Grammar
  • English Proficiency Test Prep
  • Specially designed English courses to supplement academic coursework

For more information, see the detailed course descriptions.


ELPP core courses are offered across 5 levels of proficiency: 

  • Level 1: Entry Level 
  • Level 2: Novice 
  • Level 3: Intermediate 
  • Level 4: Advanced 
  • Level 5: English for Academic Purposes 

Upon achieving Level 4, students are eligible for the ELPP Pathway Program. 

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission is a gateway for qualified students to achieve admission into an academic degree program at the University! Qualified students are eligible for conditional admission to almost all of the degree programs available at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

To qualify for conditional admission, students must meet all academic admissions standards of the program in which they wish to enroll with the exception of English language proficiency. Students may be eligible if their standardized English language proficiency examination does not meet the University minimum standard, or if the student does not have a standardized exam score at all. 

Qualified graduate students may achieve English language proficiency through the ELPP, without being required to take a standardized test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). Once the student has achieved proficiency, they will become eligible to register for academic courses, in their field of study, for the following semester. 

Undergraduate students are also eligible to enroll as Pathway students. The Pathway semester allows undergraduate students to simultaneously enroll in 2 ELPP courses at the same time that they take 2 academic courses. 

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, the ELPP can provide you with a seamless transition into your academic degree program at UM-Dearborn. 

Pathway Classification

In the UM-Dearborn Pathway Program, eligible undergraduate students are enrolled in academic classes in their field of study while simultaneously enrolled in English language support courses. The Pathway Program provides a seamless transition from the ELPP to University academic degree programs. The support structure of the Pathway Program maximizes students’ ability for success at  the University! 


Academic Calendar

The ELPP follows UM-Dearborn's academic calendar. For information regarding registration deadlines, see the academic calendar webpage.

Core courses as well as electives are offered in both 14-week and 7-week semester formats and both semester formats will have fully-online options. 


Tuition and Fees

All students will be charged the university's registration, technology, and new student fee

  • The tuition for ELPP courses is $299 per contact hour
  • ELPP core classes are worth 6 contact hours, totaling $1,794 per class 
  • Contact hours for ELPP electives vary by class  
  • Full-time enrollment in the ELPP is considered 18 contact hours per term
  • Tuition for full-time English studies is $5,382 per term  

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time.

Special Notes for International Students

The ELPP supports all international students through the visa application process. The ELPP provides immigration advising, issues I-20s, and processes immigration paperwork for admitted international students. 

International students who choose to begin their ELPP courses online, from home, will be eligible to transition to on-campus enrollment once they receive their F-1 student visa. Please note, no visa is required for online enrollment from abroad. The ELPP also assists students with preparations and planning for their arrival to the University campus. 

Special Elective Courses

Each semester, the ELPP also offers special elective courses that enable students to personalize and refine their English language proficiency. Highlights include: 

English for Engineering 

Develops the communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of engineering. Student will develop professional vocabulary that applies specifically to their careers. The course covers Engineering and technological functions, procedures, designs, and problem-response. The classes are taught in a communicative way and students are expected to participate actively, working in pairs and groups, as well as individually.

English for Business Communication 

This is a specialized course designed to help non-native speakers of English communicate effectively in business situations. This course is focused on orals skills that prepare students to give presentations (both individual and group), to handle audience questions, to run an effective business meeting, and to improve English skills through critical self-analysis of speech. In addition, students will address pronunciation issues relevant to the tasks they are asked to perform. The major activities are all videotaped; an important component of the course is the ability to evaluate one's own performance as well as that of one's peers. 

Business English 

Students will navigate through subtle nuances of the English language by practicing English , building vocabulary related to the business genre, identifying the meanings of commonly used idioms and constructing effective emails.

Understanding American Culture 

Student will be introduced to some key values and generalities to help them understand Americans and their culture. Some generalities are not always true but this course will provide a guide to understanding. Key values to help you understand American culture and construct a reasonably accurate set of ideas will help you interpret the behavior of people you meet. Course material will include notable places through virtual tours, interpreting colloquialisms( non-standard speech) and many other experiences that will enrich your interpretation of American culture.

American Pronunciation

This course focuses on improving students’ perception and pronunciation of American English through learning articulation, phonetics, and phonology. Students learn the basics of anatomy of speech production in order to understand how difficult sounds and sound contrasts are made.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 

Students will use a variety of strategies to improve skills in idea development, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, grammar and mechanics. Writing tasks will be integrated with content, vocabulary, and grammar from various texts. Students will refine their speaking skills, practice designing and giving presentations, and learn the basics of speaking publicly in Academia, at conferences, and inside the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How many hours of instruction is considered full time?

Full-time students are expected to attend at least 18 hours per week of English instruction in addition to required community interaction activities.  These activities give students a chance to use their English skills with native speakers, develop connections with native and non-native students, and help the local community.

Individual courses meet anywhere from one to nine hours per week in a variety of day/time options. 

What is the average ELPP course length and when can I register?

Please note: If you are a new ELPP student you will be contacted to complete a quick ELPP placement exam before you can register for a course. Contact our office today at

Our course length is determined by the university academic calendar and includes final exams at the end of each semester (the months listed are only intended to give a general outline of the duration of each semester):

  • Fall: September - December
  • Winter: January - April
  • Summer: May - August
How long will it take to reach my English proficiency goal?

Our data reflects that a majority of our students progress 1 level per term. Your English proficiency goal is set by you and attained by you - with our help. The amount of time it takes you to reach your goal is determined by your efforts.  We believe in our ability to help you reach your English proficiency goals. Success is just a step away!

Why should I choose the ELPP?
  • Quality:  The University of Michigan is known all over the world for its high-quality programs.  The ELPP is accredited and certified to insure students get excellent training in English.  Courses are taught by highly qualified instructors with many years of experience who care about what you need to succeed!
  • Diversity:  The University of Michigan-Dearborn campus celebrates individual and cultural differences in a highly diverse campus community. 
  • Affordability:  Tuition is very competitively priced to similar programs in the area.  Books and course materials are included in tuition costs.
  • Safety:  The University of Michigan-Dearborn is ranked the #1 safest public university in Michigan.
  • Opportunities:  ELPP students are involved in the local community, where they practice their English with fluent English speakers.  There are over 160 student organizations on campus!  
  • Location:  Our campus includes beautiful, natural areas for walking, biking, relaxing, or studying.  We are in the city of Dearborn, a uniquely international city that welcomes all people and contains many conveniences for shopping and dining as well as wonderful cultural exhibits.  We are also merely 10 minutes from the historic heart of the American automotive industry- Detroit, also known as the Motor City!
  • Support:  Many support services are available to students, including tutoring, counseling, immigration support, career services, and more.  The university library and multiple computer labs are available for ELPP students' use.
  • Housing:  Students can live across the street from campus without the need of a car to get to classes at The Union at Dearborn
How can I learn more about conditional admission?

To learn more about the conditional admission process, as well as what academic degree programs are eligible for conditional admission, please contact the ELPP at

Interested graduate students may also contact the Office of Graduate Studies at Graduate Studies can answer questions specific to graduate degree programs and graduate admissions. 

Undergraduate students may contact undergraduate admissions at


Are prospective PhD candidates eligible for conditional admission?

At this time only undergraduate and Master's degree students are eligible for conditional admission. 

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