Repeat Course Policy


On June 13, 2005 the Faculty Senate recommended, and on August 24, 2005 the Council of Deans approved, a change in the repeat course policy effective with the beginning of the Fall 2005 semester. The new policy is as follows:

"Students may repeat a course no more than two times. All grades received must appear on the transcript, but only the last grade received is counted in the grade point average (GPA)."


When a prior grade or mark other than "W" is recorded for a course, or its equivalent, or its cross listing, a subsequent enrollment ("repeat") of the course, or its equivalent, or its cross-listing, will result in an adjustment of the grade point average and credits earned.

  1. Students may repeat a course up to two times (total of three attempts).
  2. Regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the previous grade(s), the last grade assigned in a course will be used in computing the student's cumulative grade point average and credits earned toward degree.
  3. If a student takes a course three times (the maximum allowed), the previous two grades will not be reflected in the GPA.
  4. Most courses can be elected only once for credit. The maximum number of credits/elections allowed in courses designed for multiple enrollments are indicated in the Undergraduate Announcement. For information regarding these courses, students may contact their Unit Academic Advisor.

This policy applies to all undergraduate degree and non-degree students in all academic units. An exception not to accept the final grade in a repeated course cannot be petitioned.

The policy applies only to courses elected Fall 2005 or later.

Students who have repeated a course two or more times prior to Fall 2005 may repeat the course only one additional time. Only the two most recent previous grades will be affected by the new policy. Other previous grades will continue to be used in computing the grade point average.

Courses taken at institutions other than the University of Michigan-Dearborn do not affect the grade point average.

The use of an Audit Grade Mode or Pass/Fail Grade Mode may not be used to adjust grade point averages for courses previously elected under any other existing grade mode.

The limitation of the three-course rule will be monitored by the Office of the Registrar. Students who elect a course more than three times will be dropped from the course and notified of the election change.

Revised November 3, 2009