Prospective Degree

Prospective Degree

The Prospective Degree Student program (PDS) provides an opportunity for an individual whose previous high school and/or college work does not qualify for admission as a degree student to enroll in undergraduate courses.


  • Students who are at least five years beyond high school graduation (or beyond last high school attendance for applicants with a GED)


  • Students who have completed some college work, are at least five years out of high school, and have not been enrolled in college for at least two years

This non-degree status gives you the opportunity to establish a solid academic track record by earning 15 hours of credit at UM-Dearborn. When you complete 15 hours, you may be admitted to a degree program if you meet the admission standards for that program.

To apply:

  1. Print, complete, and submit a prospective degree application.

  2. Attach a check or money order for the $30 application fee.

  3. Enclose two letters of recommendation. These may be from an employer, a colleague, a teacher, or any person who is not a family member and can attest to the applicant's potential for academic success at UM-Dearborn.

  4. Request that official transcripts from all previous institutions be sent directly to the Office of Admissions and Orientation. A high school transcript is also required if you have earned less than 30 transferable hours at a college or university.

  5. Schedule an interview with an admissions counselor by calling 313-593-5100.

You will find the policies of the prospective degree status on the application. The criteria for admission to a degree program after you have completed 15 hours as a prospective degree student are listed there as well.

After you have been admitted to the University, you will receive information about advising and registration.

Financial Aid for PDS Students