Faculty Seed Grants


OMI supports faculty through Community-Based Research and Discretionary seed grants. 


Community-Based Research Seed Grants

The purpose of the Community-Based Research Seed Grants (CBR) is to support community-based research projects that engage in, promote knowledge about, identify best practices for, and enhance understanding by deepening or broadening our understanding of the needs of University of Michigan-Dearbornís larger community, as well as to promote research that is developed in collaboration with community partner organizations and/or their clients. Funds requested for the Community-Based Research Grants may range from $500 to $5,000, as commensurate with the scope of the project. All requests for funds in amounts greater than $500.00 will be reviewed by an advisory board of faculty and staff. Annual applications are due by February 15.


The applications for this year have been reviewed and announced.  Please see below for the 2014 Seed Grant Recipients or to access the CBR application:


2014 Grant Awardees


2015 CB-R Application



Discretionary Engagement Grants

Discretionary Engagement Grants are meant to contribute to the building of knowledge and skills related to innovative, interdisciplinary and integrated community engagement strategies and to make it easier for faculty to cover expenses. Discretionary Engagement Funds may be any amount ranging from $50 to $500 and are designed to provide support for such activities as: hosting expenses; guest speaker fees; books; travel/transportation; workshops, events, and/or registration and ticket fees; production and exhibition costs; software and minor equipment purchases; data collection; payment of subjects; and/or other organizational needs and activities as they emerge from an existing or new engagement activity or project.  These funds are awarded on a rolling basis until funds run out. Grant recipients are asked to complete a short impact statement describing how the funding has helped advance their research, teaching, and/or service.


Apply for Discretionary Funds for the 2014-2015 Academic Year:


2015 Discretionary Community Engagement Funds Application


For more information about OMI Seed Grants contact:


Molly Manley 


Phone# 313-583-6361            Email: mrmanley@umich.edu