b'COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND HUMAN SERVICESAlthough my ongoing n Offers a number of masters degree programs geared towards advancingstudent knowledge in health and education-related career fields. Severalresearch in enhancing programs are suited in particular to individuals seeking advanced levels of specialization in the areas of teaching and human learning as well asthe safety of autonomous data gathering, management and analysis in health-related contexts. Invehicles by use of addition, the doctoral program (Ed.D.) and Education Specialist program (Ed.S.) develop professional educators into leaders and experts within infrastructure information their field. has provided me with n The masters in applied behavior analysis (ABA) offers students afoundational knowledge of the population, design, delivery and evaluationvaluable skills, it is theof behavioral intervention. life-changing experience at nUM-Dearborn that will help The colleges community based education (CBE) masters is designed to serve individuals working in educational outreach as well as teachers building connections with the community through place-basedmake a societal difference in education strategies.my future career.n Online masters programs are available in educational technology, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), and earlyMayuresh Savargaonkar, 23 childhood education administration and leadership. Additional programsCollege of Engineering &are flexible with online and hybrid course options to accommodate personal and professional obligations. Computer SciencenLearn more at umdearborn.edu/cehhs/graduate-programs COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGAND COMPUTER SCIENCEn Offers 20 masters and 20 certificate programs in competitive fields. Allprograms are taught by industry-connected faculty who lead classroom discussion and work with industry partners geared toward solving the challenges of todays global economy. n Six doctoral programs designed in response to industry demand for highlyqualified engineers in both research and development.n The colleges state-of-the-art laboratory facilities offer effective andcomprehensive areas for applied research that support the curriculum and build strong partnerships with industry, government and the community. Our new Engineering Lab Building (ELB) offers our students access to cutting edge resources and technology to advance the academic experience, provide hands-on learning opportunities and prepare our students for a competitive job market.n For more information about CECS graduate programs, visit umdearborn.edu/cecs/grad'