1 | BEC ANNUAL REPORT 2018 U pon joining University of Michigan-Dearborn in January 2018 as director of the Business Engagement Center (BEC), I was struck by the virtually unlimited opportunities that exist for a business to connect with the academic assets of the university. UM-Dearborn’s legacy of involving partners is impressive, along with being recognized as one of Michigan’s leading public universities and as a significant contributor to economic growth throughout the region. As a proud, two-time University of Michigan alumna, coming home to this campus has been sincerely rewarding. The BEC was launched at UM-Dearborn in 2011, and has been a quickly developing program to creatively establish connections between industry and the university. There has been a distinct evolution, both in southeast Michigan and globally, from viewing corporations as sources of transactional philanthropy to engaging them in meaningful partnerships. The BEC creates a primary entry point for corporate partners to facilitate a seamless connection to all that the university offers. In our 2018 BEC Annual Report, you will learn about several of our recent successes, including our robust relationship with ZF that includes investments in research, sponsorships and student recruitment; an expanded Ford Summer Sabbatical program for newer faculty to work on meaningful projects while establishing connections in industry; and our progress in funding and constructing our new Engineering Lab Building – with special thanks to our partners at Omron. We are extremely grateful to our committed partners, donors, alumni, faculty and staff that help to make these relationships a reality. I encourage you to consider how UM-Dearborn can provide solutions for you, and how we might collaborate. We are incredibly excited about future growth as we accelerate meaningful partnerships that advance our shared research, talent and educational missions. Sincerely, Cheryl Donohoe Executive Director, Business & Foundation Engagement Director, Business Engagement Center Chelsea Brown Relationship Manager Arlynn Dailey Relationship Manager Amanda Eisbrenner Relationship Manager OUR TEAM Cheryl Donohoe Executive Director, Business & Foundation Engagement Director, Business Engagement Center