University of Michigan-Dearborn has refined its efforts to facilitate intentional methods of corporate recruitment. Founded by industry in 1959, UM-Dearborn was developed as a metropolitan center of learning that combines academic excellence and real-world experience to provide a diverse and accessible university that is deeply engaged with industry and the community. The university’s core mission is to prepare its graduates to become business, professional and community leaders in the state of Michigan and across the nation. UM-Dearborn continues to develop students through rigorous coursework and co-curricular activities to create industry-ready talent for the 21st century. The BEC has expanded its strategic approach toward aiding companies in accessing the industry-ready talent pipeline available at the university. Through new recruitment methods such as company tours and alumni meet-and-greets, students are able to garner in-depth experiences with potential employers and interact with current employees who are connected to UM-Dearborn. With highly placed alumni at some of the region’s top corporations and organizations, UM-Dearborn’s talent emerges as key contributors to growth in the region. TALENT PREPARING TOMORROW’S TALENT - TODAY 4 | BEC ANNUAL REPORT 2018 UNIVERSITY SNAPSHOT 3.6 AVERAGE GPA OF GRADUATES IN 2017 ACHIEVED THEIR GOALS ACCEPTED EMPLOYMENT THAT ACCEPTED EMPLOYMENT STAYED IN MICHIGAN 90% 91% 77% CLASS OF 2022 UM-Dearborn Career Services, 2017 Graduation Survey / / 49% Response Rate