6 | BEC ANNUAL REPORT 2018 RESEARCH APPLIED RESEARCH SOLVING INDUSTRY’S CHALLENGES Collaboration between universities and businesses on applied research is vital to the development of innovations and advanced technologies. This type of partnership is needed to solve industry’s most pressing challenges and gives companies an important advantage in today’s competitive economy. UM-Dearborn was founded in response to industry needs, and is in a strong position to provide practical, real-time solutions working together with corporate partners. Our world-class faculty produce cutting-edge, industry-relevant research critical to bringing new products to market. While this collaboration benefits our corporate partners, it also provides meaningful and practical insight to our faculty regarding current trends in the marketplace—and that valuable knowledge makes its way directly into our classrooms GOVERNMENT FUNDING CORPORATE/INDUSTRY FUNDING OTHER FUNDING 29.7% 40.6% 29.7% CORPORATE/ INDUSTRY $2,532,651 TOTAL $6,230,732 OTHER $1,847,091 GOVERNMENT $1,850,990 FISCAL YEAR 2018 RESEARCH FUNDING DISTRIBUTION BY PERCENTAGE DISTRIBUTION BY DOLLAR AMOUNT