b'EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING & CAREER SERVICESExperience. Most jobs require it, but how do you get it? Experience comes in many forms, and as a student, your task is to figure out how what you doin class, in student orgs, in a co-op/internship, or in a real jobcan transfer to the job you want after graduation. This can be even more difficult during the pandemic, but staff are available to help you find experiences that allow you to work remotely, and under certain, safe circumstances, in-person as well.Co-ops & InternshipsInternships, cooperative education (co-ops), practicums, field placementsdepending on your major, you may hear different terms but have similar meaningsare experiences that will help you build essential transferable skills that can be used in a professional setting.More info: umdearborn.edu/internshipsCareer ServicesCareer Services @ Talent Gateway provides UM-Dearborn students help with career exploration and planning, job preparation, and job search skill development. They facilitate connections between students, employers, and the community by providing a wide range of events and guidance that help students achieve their Career Best! Programs and Services Online ToolsCareer planning, coaching and explorationCareer Services provides several online with a staff member or Career Peer tools for students to explore their Resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews strengths, possible majors, practice Virtual "walk-in" career supportinterviewing and more. Visit the website Assessments to help you decide on yourto learn more or to set up an appointment major and career path with a career advisor.Company days (Ford Day, DTE Day, etc.) More info: umdearborn.edu/careerservicesCareer FairsPractice your interviewing skills with Big Interview 750 Tell Your Story (umdearborn.biginterview.com). Which interview POINTS Big Interview Challenge questions were the most difficult for you to answer? Connect with a career coach to review your results! 10 2020 CAMPUS RESOURCE GUIDE'