b'ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES & RESOURCESTutoring and TransitionsStudents are encouraged to take advantage of academic resources and services, including learning and connecting with your fellow students through peer instruction.Free individual and peer-led group tutoring is available for many UM-Dearborn courses. Peer tutors help improve performance in difficult courses by modeling effective learning techniques and breaking down difficult concepts. More info: umdearborn.edu/tutoringSupplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are peer-assisted, regularly-scheduled informal review sessions in which students compare their class notes, discuss assigned readings, practice problem solving and develop organizational tools. More info: umdearborn.edu/supplementalinstruction500 Go to a Tutoring or SupplementalGet help by going to an SI or tutoring POINTS Instruction (SI) Session Challenge session. How did it go and how canit help you in the future?The Diverse Understanding Creating Community(DUCC) Mentoring Program encourages campus engagement, connectivity and community byconnecting new undergrad students with upperlevel mentors to help you transition to life at college.More info: umdearborn.edu/duccmentoringCRUISE to Success is a 12 week in-person opportunity for first year freshman, and Model (T)ransitions is a hybrid series offering similar content through a more flexible approach for non-traditional, transfer, and graduate students. Connect with other students and learn tips, tricks, and skills to help you succeed.More info: umdearborn.edu/cruiseTeamwork/Collaboration LeadershipCan you work wellCan you motivate otherswith others andand leverage their strengthsmanage conflict? to achieve a common goal?4 2020 CAMPUS RESOURCE GUIDE'