b'START YOUR JOURNEY STUDENT PROFILE FRESHMANFINANCIAL High School GPA SAT ACT SCHOLARSHIPSSUPPORTHOW TO APPLY3.43.9* 10701270* 2330* Upon admission, you are automatically 1.Apply onlineits free and easy at: (Average: 3.6) (Average: 1180) (Average: 26) considered for merit-based scholarships,3,600 +which are based on high school GPA and * Based on middle 50 percent of incoming freshmen for Fall 2018 SAT or ACT scores. Please see our website forSCHOLARSHIP OFFERSumdearborn.edu/applycomplete scholarship information, deadlines Common Application is available for Fall 2020 and laterand criteria: umdearborn.edu/scholarships. Fall 20182. Request official high school/college transcripts,Apply by December 15 for priority scholarship including Dual Enrollment courses and Advancedconsideration. Funds will be awarded after that Placement scoresdate if available.3. Submit SAT and/or ACT scoresFOUR-YEAR FRESHMAN SCHOLARSHIPS:SAT 1390+ 1360-1380 1330-13501300-13201260-12901230-12501200-12201160-11901130-11501100-1120 AP/IB CREDIT ACT 31+ 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 2216 UM-Dearborn encourages high-achieving high schoolGPACHANCELLORS* METROPOLITAN BLUE4.0 FULL TUITION$5,000 PER YEAR $2,000 PER YEARstudents to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) or3.9International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and take the AP/IB3.8exams. Scores of 3 or better for AP or 4-7 for IB typically earnDEANScollege credit at UM-Dearborn (some exceptions apply). 3.7 $4,000 PER YEARFRESHMAN ADMISSION & SCHOLARSHIPSumdearborn.edu/advancedplacement3.6 MAIZE This scholarship information is applicable to $3,000 PER YEAR new students enrolling in the Fall 2020 through 3.5 Summer 2021 semesters and is subject to change at any time.3.4 BLUEHIGH SCHOOL 3.3 $2,000 PER YEAR3.2 *Chancellors Scholarship eligibility: applications must be received by December 15, 2019, only scores from tests taken through November 2019 will be used and DUAL ENROLLMENT students must qualify for in-state tuition (per U-M Board of Regents guidelines).By applying to UM-Dearborn, you are taking the first step towardIMPACT SCHOLARSHIP3.0 AND ADMISSIBLE SAT/ACT FAFSA SUBMISSION REQUIRED|$2,000$6,000 PER YEAR BASED ON FINANCIAL NEED (AS DETERMINED BY FAFSA)becoming a Difference Maker and a leader in metro DetroitDual Enrollment provides an excellent and affordableADMISSION APPLICATION AND FAFSA MUST BE SUBMITTED BY FEB. 1, 2020.and beyond. The skills you learn herethrough intensiveopportunity for high school students to enroll in selectcoursework, campus involvement and hands-on experiences UM-Dearborn courses while completing high school. NON-RESIDENTIAL TUITION DIFFERENTIAL SCHOLARSHIPwill help you develop as a person, a professional and a sociallyUM-Dearborn provides a scholarship for 50% of tuition.3.0 AND SAT 1030/ACT 20 COVERS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RESIDENTIAL AND NON-RESIDENTIAL TUITION|OVER 4 YEARSresponsible citizen. umdearborn.edu/dualenrollment STUDENTS MAY ALSO QUALIFY FOR THE METROPOLITAN, DEANS, MAIZE, BLUE OR IMPACT SCHOLARSHIP.17'