b'FINISH YOUR JOURNEY TRANSFERRING CREDITS TRANSFER ADMISSION UM-Dearborn accepts the followingREQUIREMENTSONLINE RESOURCES:maximum number of credit hours fromCourse Transfer System other institutions: UM-Dearborns academic colleges have varying GPAsGET ANUM-Ann Arbor/Flint - 90 Find out which courses transfer torequired for admissions. GPAs are recalculated based only on Other Four-Year Universities - 75 UM-Dearborn from your college(s):courses that are potentially transferable. umdearborn.edu/ctsADMISSIONSCommunity Colleges - 62 Transfer HubsCollege of Arts, Sciences, and Letters - 2.50 GPAUpon admission, you will receive a TransferIf you attend a southern MichiganCollege of Business - 2.70 GPADECISION ONEquivalency Worksheet (TEW) that lists allcommunity college, find transfer( all students will be admitted as Pre-Business)courses you have completed at previousinformation from your collegeCollege of Education, Health, and Human ServicesTHE SPOT institutions and how your credits transfer. hub website, including transferEducation Programs - 2.75 GPA guides, upcoming visits and yourUM-Dearborn participates in: UM-Dearborn admissions( 2.50 GPA required for Children and Families andWith our on-site admissions process,Michigan Transfer Agreement:representative:Instructional Technology programs) you can make an appointment to meetumdearborn.edu/mta umdearborn.edu/hubs Health and Human Services - 2.50 GPAwith a counselor to receive a prompt,MI Transfer Pathways Project: aCollege of Engineering and Computer Science - 2.75 GPA personalized review of your applicationcurrent initiative to create pathways( students will be admitted directly into major or intomaterials. In many cases, you canin selected disciplines, so you canpre-engineering based on previous math coursework)obtain a decision during your visit. more easily transfer credits from community colleges to universities.umdearborn.edu/transferapply18HOW TO TRANSFER SCHOLARSHIPSAPPLY TRANSFER ADMISSION & SCHOLARSHIPSDESTINATION MAIZE DESTINATION BLUE PHI THETA KAPPA NON-RESIDENTIAL $4,500 over 3 years $7,500 over 3 years $3,000 over 3 years TUITION DIFFERENTIAL$1,500/year $2,500/year $1,000/year Covers the difference between 1.Apply onlineRecalculated GPA of 3.50 - 3.74 Recalculated GPA of 3.75+ Proof of PTK Membership resident and non-resident tuitionits free and easy at:umdearborn.edu/apply Most recent enrollment mustRecalculated GPA of 3.5+be at a community college Must be a U.S. citizen or 2. Request official transcriptsAt least 30 transferable credit hours or an associate degree Must be a U.S. citizen orpermanent resident, Canadian from ALL colleges you haveMost recent enrollment must be at a community college permanent resident citizen or landed immigrant or attended to be sent directly Transfer to UM-Dearborn and graduate with the prestige56 % to UM-DearbornMust be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, CanadianMexican citizenof a Michigan degree. More than half of incomingcitizen or landed immigrant or Mexican citizenstudents are transfer students, like you. We work hard to3. If you have earned less than create academic and leadership opportunities tailored toOF INCOMING24 transferable credit hours, help students succeed. STUDENTSalso request: Students on visas from countries other than Canada and Mexico may be eligible for the International Scholarship.ARESAT or ACT scoresFor more information, visit: umdearborn.edu/international-scholarshipTRANSFERS Official high schoolThese scholarships may be awarded in conjunction with other transfer scholarships. umdearborn.edu/transferscholarshipstranscripts19'