b'COLLEGE OF BUSINESS (COB)LEADERS AND BESTIn COB youll put knowledge into action by participating in competitive internships and START HERE the College to Career Coaching Program, analyzing real-time market data in our state-of-the-art Bloomberg Finance Lab UM-Dearborn offers more than 100 undergraduateand competing around the globe in college-majors and minors in four colleges. You can tailor# 3 INsponsored student organizations. Our your program to meet your specific goals bystudents are challenged to define complex participating in interdisciplinary opportunitiesbusiness problems, explore alternatives throughout campus, adding a minor or pursuing aMICHIGAN and communicate successful solutions double major. throughout our AACSB-accredited business UNDERGRADUATEprograms.BUSINESS PROGRAMSU.S. News & World Report (2019)7,185 9,468 2,191 BEST BUSINESS SCHOOL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS GRADUATE U.S. News & World Report 92 The Princeton Reviewand (2019)DOCTORAL4COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES,COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGCOLLEGE OF EDUCATION, HEALTH,AND LETTERS (CASL) AND COMPUTER SCIENCEAND HUMAN SERVICES (CEHHS)With the largest number of majors(CECS) Whether you want to inspire change through healthy to choose from, CASL is rich withWith a strong emphasis onliving practices or become an exemplary educator, opportunities to explore our naturalexperiential learning, CECS offersthe innovative programs within CEHHS will give your and cultural worlds. Youll have theprograms that consistently rankcareer momentum. Youll gain clinical experiences at opportunity to actively participatenationally, and an environment thatthe Early Childhood Education Center and through in the classroom, alongside facultyintegrates engineering practiceinclusive partnerships with organizations throughout ACADEMIC PROGRAMSin groundbreaking research, and inwith education and research. Youllsoutheast Michigan including Beaumont Health, internships at major organizations,learn from industry-connectedWayne County Health Department and local school absorbing practical and foundationalfaculty through projects that utilizedistricts.skills for a meaningful career or theinnovative processes, systems and pursuit of an advanced degree. technologies. When youre ready, accelerate your learning in a co-op experience with organizations like 37NASA, DTE Energy, Ford and GE.CEHHS TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAMS WERE GIVEN THE TOP RATING BY THE MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT UNDERGRADUATE TOP-RANKEDOF EDUCATIONMAJORS UNDERGRAD ENGINEERING PROGRAM(2019)U.S. News & World Report 5'