Delinquent Accounts

Past Due Balances & Your Options

Payment Arrangements 

If you have a balance after the 100% tuition & fees due date during the term, the balance is considered past due. Past due balances are subject to late payment fees and Accounting Holds as stated in University Policy.  An Accounting Hold does not permit students to register for future courses or receive transcripts or diploma.

If students cannot afford to pay their balance in full after the term ends, students can setup payment arrangements with the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Student Loan Collections (SLC) office to help avoid collection activity. Students must contact the Ann Arbor SLC to request an arrangement.  Please see contact information below.

If a student fails to make payments as agreed with the Ann Arbor SLC, the arrangement will be cancelled and the account will be subject to collection activity immediately. Students will not be eligible for future payment arrangements if an arrangement is cancelled.

Collection Activity

After multiple attempts by the Ann Arbor SLC office to collect payment and make payment arrangements with students, delinquent account balances will be subject to the collection process. Students are notified by mail of upcoming collection activity and their options. Failure to communicate about payment after notifications are sent will result in the transfer of the full account balance to an outside collection agency. The student will be responsible for the account balance in addition to fees and credit penalties assessed by the collection process.

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Student Loan Collections (SLC) services our past due and collection accounts. Students will need to contact SLC directly to discuss their account and fee activity.

Contact SLC at 800-456-0706 or

Please refer to SLC's website for additional information. 

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