Starting Your Own Organization

Starting a New Organization
New student organization proposals are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance with College policies (Use of the University of Michigan-Dearborn name and Trademark, Student Organization Policies on the Office Student Engagement Website, etc.).
  • Demonstrated non-duplication of the mission of previously recognized organizations and avoids clear similarity with another already-recognized student organization.
  • Clearly articulated objectives and goals of the proposed student organization as demonstrated through the constitution.
  • Feasibility of funding the organization's goals, projects, or publications.
  • Demonstrated plan for sustainability of the organization.
  • At least seven registered student members. All officers must be registered students of University of Michigan-Dearborn.
    • President may not be the president of another student organization, either USO or RSO.
    • Treasurer may not be the treasurer/authorized signer for another organization, either USO or RSO.
  • Demonstrated benefit to the members, campus, and/or wider community.

New student organization proposals include:

  1. Constitution - Must include University anti-discrimination clause (click here for exact language).  Click here to download a checklist to prepare your constitution before submitting it.
  2. Annual Budget and schedule of proposed events, should be in accordance with the Student Organization Advisory Council (SOAC) and University Policies.
  3. Membership Roster, including full-time faculty or full-time staff member of UM-Dearborn must serve as advisor.
  4. Participate in New Organization Training

Proposals are submitted via formstack here. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed.

Proposal deadlines:
September 30 and January 31. After your proposal has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a member of the Office for Student Engagement team later that month to discuss next steps including scheduling new organization training. 

Questions regarding a new student organization or the progress of your request? Responses to inquiries will be sent on Fridays.

Have a question about student organizations? Require contracting or event planning assistance? Contact the Office for Student Engagement at