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In addition to saving money on tuition, you can start earning a full-time salary sooner when you graduate in four years. #FastFOURward is the UM-Dearborn initiative to inform students of the techniques and benefits of finishing their degree in four years.

You can save over $13,500 in tuition and fees at today's rates by finishing your degree in four years instead of five. This does not include the substantial opportunity cost of the year of salary missed out when delaying graduation.

Finishing in four years involves taking 15 credits per Fall and Winter semesters. When taking 15 credits, it is beneficial for students to work less than 15 hours per week. If 15 credits are not possible, students can still save by taking 12 credits in both Fall and Winter Semesters along with 6 credits in the summer. This plan involves less savings (up to $2,000 in tuition) while still allowing for more work hours.

By finishing their degree early, students can save money and get a great start in life. Many students do not know as freshman how many credits they need to be taking to be on track for graduation. FastFourward will help students understand how to achieve their dreams faster.

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Everyone has their own journey for success. What does your future hold?
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Tuition/Fee Cost Savings
Credits Time to Degree Completion Total Cost of Tuition/Fees (120 Credits) at Today's Rates
12 Credits per Fall and Winter semesters 5 years $67,760
15 Credits per Fall and Winter semesters 4 years $54,208
Savings in Tuition Alone $13,152
Opportunity Cost for Each Year of Delay (Typical Starting Salaries)
Industry Earning Potential
Business $51,637
Communications $42,661
Computer Science $56,511
Education $34,675
Engineering $57,299
Humanities & Social Sciences $32,457
Math & Sciences $38,707
Average $43,115
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