Go beyond the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders

Optometry includes examination, diagnosis and treatment of the eyes and surrounding structures, and the treatment of vision problems. Learn more about the classes and the national exam you need to prepare for an optometry school or college. Also learn information about optometry schools and general information about optometry.

What classes do I need to take?

Each optometry school has different admission requirements. You can find the most current requirements directly from the school or on the optometry schools directory at the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry.

Required courses at three regional schools: Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University, Midwestern College of Optometry and Illinois College of Optometry.

What is the national standardized test?

The above-required courses should be completed in order to prepare for the Optometry Admission Test, OAT, which is typically taken in the summer after junior year. The OAT is required by most optometry schools.

What else should I know?

More information, such as what you should major in at UM-Dearborn, and what else you can do to prepare for the profession, can be found in our FAQ section.

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