Healthcare that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals

Veterinarians play a major role in the health of our society by caring for animals and by using their expertise and education to protect and improve human health as well. Learn more about the classes and the national exam you need to prepare for veterinary school/college. Also learn information about veterinary schools and general information about veterinary medicine.

What classes do I need to take?

The following courses are required for applicants to the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSU CVM). However, some or all courses may apply to other schools. You are responsible for checking each school's website for their specific requirements.

Required courses by MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

What is the national standardized test?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is no longer required at MSU CVM, it is still required by many veterinary schools. Some vet schools also require the Biology GRE. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is also accepted by some vet schools in place of the GRE.

What else should I know?

More information, such as what you should major in at UM-DearbornĀ and what else you can do to prepare for the profession, can be found in our FAQ section.

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