What is Counseling & How to Make an Appointment

Counseling can come in different shape and sizes depending on your unique needs. Some students concerns may require weekly individual sessions, others might be best helped through group counseling. Meeting with a CAPS clinician will help you identify the best treatment approach for you. The main goal of counseling is to assist you in finding the solutions for a variety of concerns, including but not limited to mood changes, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.

During this time, CAPS services remain remote. To make an appointment please email us at umdearborncaps@umich.edu to be sent the link for our paperwork that assists us in matching you with a mental health counselor. Please call us if you have any questions at 313-593-5430 as we continue to be available via phone as well. 


What are the possible benefits?

Counseling provides a safe and private setting to address the personal concerns and issues which cause people distress. Many people report a significant reduction in their distress after their first meeting while for others it takes additional sessions. Students may find that their academic performance improves. Often problem solving and communication skills are enhanced. Personal growth and self-awareness are important additional benefits. Counseling requires a time and effort commitment, much like attending a class. Some common concerns for students seeking counseling have been:

  • Relationship Concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Academic Stress
  • Adjustment to University life
  • Loneliness
  • Family Conflicts
  • Role Conflicts and Strain
  • Lack of Emotional Support
  • Abuse
  • Body Image Concerns

Do I need to have a mental illness to see a counselor?

No. CAPS offers mental health counseling for students in distress regarding a wide variety of problems that may or may not involve a mental illness. You do not need a mental health diagnosis in order to get services, nor does continuing services require that you are given a diagnosis.

What kinds of services are provided?

Individual Counseling: Individual sessions with a mental health counselor who will help you find solutions for concerns you may have regarding a variety of mental health issues. The frequency and number of sessions will be determined based on your presenting concern, but in general, CAPS provides short term solution focused individual counseling 

Group Therapy: CAPS offers various groups each semester. Please check back on our website for current group therapy offering. 

Workshops: CAPS provides a variety of different education workshops based on the needs of students each semester. Please check back on our website for a list of offerings. 

Case Management: CAPS provides case management to assist students in connecting with services they may need outside of the university. Examples of this may be referrals to community mental health providers, referrals for medical care and psychiatrists, and assistance in making a plan of action to meet students basic needs they may be struggling with. 

After Hours Crisis Phone: CAPS provides after hours phone services to students in need. To reach a licensed counselor after 5pm, during weekends or during an university closure, please call 1-855-275-1715

What will my counseling cost?

Counseling services are available to enrolled students at no charge.

Who is eligible to use counseling services?

Currently enrolled students are eligible for services. During Summer, if you were previously enrolled in courses and plan to enroll in the Fall, you are still eligible for counseling even if you are not enrolled in current courses. 

Are there time limits as to how long I can meet with my counselor?

CAPS offers solution-focused therapy. Our goal is to provide you with the skills necessary to manage your presenting concern and make progress with regard to your functioning as quickly as possible.  Referrals to community mental health providers may be most beneficial for students whose presenting issues include long-standing difficulties with mental illness that cannot be expected to resolve in a reasonable amount of time or with the services we have available. Your counselor will discuss any referrals with you personally.

Where is CAPS Located?

Located on the second floor of the University Center, room 2157.

How long will I have to wait for a first appointment?

Depending on your availability, appointments are generally able to be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.

How long do appointments take?

All appointments are scheduled for 45-50 minutes, including first appointments.

What about confidentiality in counseling?

CAPS strictly protects your confidentiality within the limits allowed by law. In general, limits to confidentiality include when someone, including the client, is at risk of immediate harm. Reports of abuse of a child, disabled, or elderly person are also required to be reported to the proper authorities. Within some court cases, mental health records can be subpoenaed if deemed relevant to the case. Questions regarding confidentiality will be addressed at your first appointment.

Will my sessions go on my official student record?

We do not report your attendance or any personal information to any unit in or outside the university without your written permission.

What if someone just needs information about a referral?

CAPS also provides referral information for any interested student. Please check out our Referral page on this website or contact us directly to inquire about a specific referral not listed. 

If I'm worried about someone other than myself (i.e., friend, roommate, family member, etc), what should I do?

CAPS provides consultations for people just seeking information about mental health resources or referrals. If you are unsure how to handle a situation with a friend or family member, we can offer a one-time consultation to provide you with any information, resources, or referrals. 

Do you have crisis counseling?

Yes, please call 1-855-275-1715 to speak with a crisis counselor 

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