All Teaching Faculty should use:

Below is a sample statement that can be placed in your syllabus to notify students with Disabilities that they must register with the Disability Services (DS) office if they are to receive any academic accommodations. 

The University strives to make learning accessible for all. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers based on your disability, please contact Disability Services who will be able to assist with reasonable accommodations. Students will need to register with Disability Services each semester they are enrolled as soon as they have their schedule for the term. Disability Services can be reached at 313-593-5430 or  


Faculty Resources:

Faculty Guide for Teaching Students with Visual Impairments 

Faculty Guide for Teaching Students with Hearing Impairments

20 Tips for Teaching Accessible Online Courses

Instructions for Professors to Send Exams Via M Success

Faculty Instructions for Testing

Adaptive Equipment:

The following is a list of some of the adaptive technology available on the campus:

Mardigian Library - One station on the ground floor in the back of the computer lab is dedicated for use by persons with disabilities. It has an adjustable stand with screen enlarger and screen reader software. reader software. There is also a Closed Circuit TV for the Visually Impaired.

College of Business Labs (FCS) - The computer labs for Business students each have one computer with screen enlarger and screen reader software.

CASL Building - Computer labs for student use have Zoom Text, a screen enlarger software available in all labs.

Disability Services

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