2019 Honor Scholars

Below are the names of the Honor Scholars that were awarded at the 2019 Honors Convocation.

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters


Teresa M. O’Malley

Applied Statistics

Theren J. Williams

Art History

Savona Safaoui

Behavioral and Biological Sciences

Andra Cristiu

Behavioral Sciences

Sara El Souki


Haifa Ali

Biological Sciences

Jamil Jomaa

Business Studies

Stephanie R. Barna

Chemistry (ACS Certified)

Rachel Holthus


Jordan M. Ewald

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Lily F. Seccombe​​​​​​​

Earth Science

Elise Arnett


Andrew M. Daulton​​​​​​​


David Davis

Environmental Science

Anna Wahl

Environmental Studies

Griffin Bray

French Studies

Marie Suehrer​​​​​​​

General Studies

Darrell C. Davis

Hispanic Studies

Micah E. White


Dylan J. Siwicki​​​​​​​

International Studies

Nicole K. Brown

Journalism and Screen Studies

Lydia Sisko​​​​​​​

Liberal Studies

Nancy M. Bart


Fatme Hourani​​​​​​​


Ryan Sweetapple​​​​​​​


Sean Strnad​​​​​​​


Thomas Sutter

Political Science

Christian J. Ledford​​​​​​​


Mallori E. Young


Matthew R. Fleming

Urban and Regional Studies

Kim Price

Women’s and Gender Studies

Hala M. Alazzawi​​​​​​​

Graduate Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics

David Like

Graduate Program in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Michelle Lishin​​​​​​​

Graduate Program in Psychology

Christin Dewit​​​​​​​

Graduate Program in Public Administration

Troy Goodnough

College of Business


Maria Gajda

Digital Marketing

Rachel Clem


Alexander O’Connor

Human Resource Management

Fatima Abdullah

Information Technology Management

Gabriela Wilson


Holly Stebbin


Kailyn Delonis

Supply Chain Management

Vinu Sebastian

Graduate Program in Accounting

Marwa El-Sabbagh

Graduate Program in Business Administration

Allison Barnhart

Graduate Program in Business Analytics

Pauljin Kochupyloth

Graduate Program in Finance

Brian Sheahan

Graduate Program in Information Systems

Sneha Ravichandran

Graduate Program in Supply Chain Management

Moeez Aslam

College of Engineering and Computer Science


Grant Baker

Bioengineering/Mechanical Engineering

Hanan A. Yehya

Computer Engineering

Russell Andres

Computer and Information Science

Travis H. Bates

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

Nicholas L. Domol

Data Science

Carrie L. McClanahan

Electrical Engineering

Kenneth Topolovec

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Gregory Stille

Manufacturing Engineering

Sarah Walworth

Manufacturing Systems Engineering/Mechanical Engineering

Michael Ustes

Mechanical Engineering

Joshua R. Bylund

Robotics Engineering

Zaynab Jamil

Software Engineering

Martin Lohner

Graduate Program in Automotive Systems Engineering

Avaneesh Srinivasa

Graduate Program in Bioengineering

Jessica A. Hallgath

Graduate Program in Computer Engineering

Muhammad Tayyab

Graduate Program in Computer and Information Science

Sameera Ahmed

Graduate Program in Data Science

Cooper Stansbury

Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering

Lincy George

Graduate Program in Energy Systems Engineering

Megan Gould

Graduate Program in Engineering Management

Domenic Miccinilli

Graduate Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Huimin Miao

Graduate Program in Information Systems and Technology

Manvi Kamboj

Graduate Program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Abhista Paddillaya

Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering

Sara Imtiazuddin

Graduate Program in Program and Project Management

Aravind Palakurissi

Graduate Program in Software Engineering

John P. Reese

Ph.D. Program in Computer and Information Science

Terry L. Ruas

Ph.D. Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nevrus Kaja

Ph.D. Program in Information Systems Engineering

Bader Alkhazi

Ph.D. Program in Mechanical Sciences and Engineering

Rongheng Li

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Community Health Education

Alba Montenegro

Master of Science in Health Information Technology

Vinita Kotnis

Health Policy Studies

Niveen Elder

Public Health

Jessica Doan

Bachelor of Arts in Child Life Specialist

Jenifer Pifer

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Early Childhood)

Natalie Schaefer

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Integrated Science)

Kaitlin Tracy

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Language Arts)

Donya Haidar

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Mathematics Studies)

Kara Snyder

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Reading)

Carolyn Renneker

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Social Studies)

Stephanie Farley

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Special Education)

Abigail Hanna

Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies

Carol Luk

Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services

Hajer Alchalabi

Bachelor of Arts in Instructional Technology

Zainab Omasan

Bachelor of General Studies in Children and Families

Alisha Moslimani

Master of Arts in Community Based Education

Cassandra Byrd

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Chantay Strother

Master of Arts in Education

Rana Makki

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Zahara Attia

Master of Arts in Educational Technology

Kellie Broderick

Master of Arts in Teaching

Jihad Baydoun

Master of Education in Special Education

Erin Lewis

Master of Science in Science Education

Adina Rubenstein

Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.)

Kelli Hughes

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Kelley Michels

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