All work-study and non-work-study on-campus positions will be posted on

Please keep in mind the following when searching for positions:

  • All campus positions will be classified as Part-Time and Temporary

For more information about on-campus employment, please see the On-Campus Employment flyer.

FAQs on Work-Study

  • What is Federal Work-Study?
    • Work-Study is a need based Financial Aid award that supplements payment for students working in approved on and off campus positions.  Work-Study is a federally-subsidized hourly wage job program, which gives you the opportunity to earn your award through employment.  
  • How do I know if I have a Federal Work-Study award?
  • Are you a work-study student working at UM-Ann Arbor or UM-Flint?
    • Contact Mai Qazzaz ( for assistance with completing all necessary paperwork.  
  • What are the benefits of a work-study position?  
    • Obtain work experience and gain transferable skills that can be utilized in future positions
    • Convenience of working on or near campus
    • Opportunity to develop networking contacts.  
  • How many hours can work-study students work?
    • Federal guidelines allow students to work up to 25 hours per week.  
  • If I don't have a Federal Work-Study award and am seeking part-time and/or temporary employment off campus, where do I look?  
    • Log in to our Career Connections system to view off-campus employment opportunities.