Online Enrollment Verification Instructions

  1. Click on the UM-Dearborn Connect icon.
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area.
  3. In the User ID field, enter your UM credentials (uniqname and password) that are used to access other university resources (email, Canvas, etc.).
  4. Click the Sign In button.
  5. Select Student from the menu.
  6. Select Student Records from the menu.
  7. Select Enrollment Verification Request from the menu.
  8. The Enrollment Verification Request page is used to indicate the enrollment term to be verified, type of request, and the number of copies needed.
    1. Term – Select the term to be verified. The system will supply all terms in which the student was registered.
    2. Verification Type – The Verification Type is required. UM-Dearborn uses only one verification type; please select Web Enrollment Verification.
    3. Number of Copies – This field is where a student enters the number of enrollment verifications he/she would like printed.
  9. Click the Continue button
  10. The Enrollment Verification Delivery page is used to indicate how the enrollment verification will be delivered.
    1. Pick-up in the office or Standard Mailing are the only options.
  11. Click the Continue button
  12. The Enrollment Verification Address page is used to indicate to whom the enrollment verification will be addressed. There are three options:
    1. One of Your Addresses – This field is used when a student wants the enrollment verification to be addressed to his/her address.
    2. FAX Area Code and Number – These fields are used when a student wants the enrollment verification to be faxed to a specific number.
    3. Complete Address and Issue to – The Street, City, State, Zip, and Issued To lines will need to be completed indicating how a student wants the enrollment verification addressed.
  13. Click the Continue button
  14. The Enrollment Verification Request Summary page allows for review of the information entered. If any information is incorrect, click the “back” button on the browser menu to make changes.
  15. Click the Submit Request button
  16. The Enrollment Verification Signature page displays. This page contains a message verifying that the enrollment verification request has been logged.

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