Creating opportunity for our community, our campus, and ourselves!

The Scholar Community at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a learning community for the highest achieving students from the state's most economically disadvantaged high schools.  Scholars are devoted to academic excellence, campus engagement, and metropolitan impact. Scholars embody perseverance, achievement and engagement.

The Scholar Community Family is in Transition!

Beginning in Fall 2019, what was the Opportunity Scholar Program will have new Scholars joining! These Scholars will be the recipients of the HAIL, Wade McCree and Detroit Promise Schoalrships. Given this addition of new members to our family, we will be beginning a transition process to ensure that all Scholars in our Community have a role in moving the Program forward.

The merging of our Scholar Communities will allow an exciting opportunity for all Scholars to come together and define what it means to be a Scholar - exploring the makeup of our current Program, identifying a new Community name, and connecting with fellow Scholars!

As we begin this process, please use the buttons below to provide any suggestions for the Community.

Office of Student Life

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University Center (UC)
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