The Scholar Community is made up of students holding various scholarships that, beyond the point requirement, have different terms and conditions to maintain the scholarship from year to year. Below are the scholarships that makeup the Scholar Community, along with frequently asked questions and the different requirements for each.

Should you have questions about your scholarship, its requirements, or anything else, reach out to the Engaged Scholar Program Coordinator - Aryka Rice (

Wade McCree Scholarship

Required GPA

2.0 Cumulative GPA after every winter term.

How many semesters is my Scholarship for?

The Scholarship lasts for 8 semesters.

Opportunity/Impact Scholarship

Required GPA

For those scholars who began in Fall 15 or later, the required cumulative GPA is a 2.5 after every winter term.

How many semesters is my Scholarship for?

The scholarship is good for 8 consecutive semesters.

Can I take a semester off and have my scholarship once I return?

The scholarship is to be used in consecutive semesters. If you need to take a semester off for any reason you will need to contact financial aid and/or the Office of Student Life for support as pausing your scholarship may require submission of an appeal.

Can my scholarship be used in the summer?

Yes, you can choose to use one of your scholarship semester's in the summer. However, this will remove one fall or winter term of eligibility. Prior to deciding it would be best to talk with a success coach or financial aid.

Detroit Promise Scholarship

Required GPA

You need to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA after each Winter semester to maintain your scholarship.

Do I need to take a certain number of credits each semester?

Yes, you need to take 12 credits each semester and be on track to graduate within 4 years. If for some reason you need to take less, you will need to meet with Financial Aid and/or reach out to one of your success coaches in Student Life.

Can my scholarship be used during a summer semester?

No, the Detroit Promise Scholarship can't be used during a summer semester. You'll want to talk with a financial aid advisor to discuss alternative summer funding options.

Office of Student Life

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