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The focus of tutoring is to assist and guide you to becoming an independent learner. Tutoring aims to support what is learned in the classroom and to help you gain a greater understanding of the material as you engage in the learning process.

Tutoring Basics: General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Student Responsibilities
    • Attend class on a consistent basis.

    • Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions.
    • Arrive on time to all schedules tutoring sessions.
    • Contact the tutor and Tutoring Coordinator, no less than 24 hours in advance, if unable to attend schedules session.
    • Students who miss a scheduled session without notifying their tutor or the Tutoring Coordinator will be marked as a “no-show”.
    • Bring textbook, notes, homework, pen/pencil, and other necessary material to each tutoring session.
    • Prepare for each session by thinking about what needs to be covered and sharing that information with the tutor.
    • Participate actively in all aspects of the tutoring session: asking questions, completing “homework”, etc.
    • Know tutor’s name and telephone number.
    • Contact the Office of Student Success Tutoring Services Coordinator with concerns or questions.
  • Tutor Responsibilities
    • Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions.
    • Arrive on time to all schedules tutoring sessions.
    • Contact the tutee and Tutoring Coordinator, no less than 24 hours in advance, if unable to attend schedules session.
    • Wait fifteen minutes before marking a student as a “no-show”.
    • Assist students in identifying problem areas through question an answer.
    • Use example to demonstrate concepts and theories, providing opportunity for practice.
    • Assess student’s academic skills (note taking, time management, etc), making appropriate suggestions and demonstrating effective techniques.
    • Confirm next schedules session prior to the end of current session.
    • Contact the the Office of Student Success Tutoring Services Coordinator with concerns or questions.
  • What does the tutor do?

    Our trained tutors facilitate learning for individuals or small groups. They are also role models who possess knowledge and skills and shares them with the students. Tutors are expected to assist students in learning the concepts covered in the courses they tutor by utilizing strategies, such as reviewing class materials, discussing the text, working on sample problems, and predicting test questions.

  • How does tutoring work?

    Tutoring Services, part of the Office of Student Success Center is located in 2170 University Center. It provides free individual and group tutoring by peer tutors in content area courses. Peer tutors help improve performance in a difficult course by modeling effective study techniques and breaking down difficult concepts.

    Students receive a maximum of 14 sessions per course per term. This limit can only be exceeded with the approval of the Tutoring Coordinator. Sessions are a maximum of three hours in length, and it is strongly recommended that they take place on campus. There is no cost involved to receive tutoring.

  • Who are the tutors?

    Peer tutors are successful students who have earned at least a B in the courses they tutor. Many of them have been recommended by their professors. Their goal is to help students review course content through the use of interactive learning strategies. Once they become a peer tutor, they receive training in the policies and procedures of Tutoring Services as well as how to be an effective and efficient tutor.  Tutors learn that they are not there to just do homework or give answers. They are there to assist students in working through areas that they are having trouble with, helping them learn to develop new academic skills that will further their understanding of the material.

Recommend A Tutor

If you are a faculty member or academic advisor and know of a student that you feel would be a strong tutor please submit this form. We rely on recommendations from our academic partners to assist us in finding the best and most qualified tutors from our currently enrolled student population.

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