Each year, the Women's Resources Center publishes an updated scholarship manual.

The manual's purpose is two-fold. First, scholarship seekers will be introduced to scholarships as a form of financial aid. Secondly, scholarship navigators will become familiar with the scholarship application process: the scholarship essay (e.g. hints for writing a well-written essay); how to obtain letters of recommendation and transcripts; a scholarship tracker; and a financial aid checklist. In addition, scholarship seekers will find listings and descriptions of various scholarships.

The Women's Resource Center is dedicated to providing support for the needs and issues of all students. Therefore, beyond the support of the manual and UM-Dearborn Financial Aid Office, the WRC will provide extended information and assistance regarding the scholarship process through facilitation of workshops and resources available in the WRC library. The WRC encourages and supports all students who seek financial support for achieving their personal and professional goals.

Below is a link to the current edition of the scholarship manual:

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